Peter Wehner

The Ego-Driven Life

Narcissism — in this instance the inability to accept that he is likely to lose to a woman in the biggest contest in the world — was at the core of Mr. Trump’s answer about not being prepared to say he would abide by the outcome of the election.


Politics and the English Language: An Introduction

The care of words is something that should concern all of us, perhaps particularly those of the Christian faith.

VIDEO: Peter Wehner Discusses Latest on Donald Trump and 2016 Race

EPPC Senior Fellow Peter Wehner appeared on CNN Newsroom to discuss the latest developments in the 2016 race for President, including a New York Times story about Donald Trump’s tax records and Trump’s penchant for undisciplined outbursts.

The Political Magic of C.S. Lewis

Lewis knew that a faith-informed conscience could advance justice and that Christianity played an enormous part in establishing the concept of natural rights and the dignity of the human person. But he also believed that no political party can come close to approximating God’s ideal.


Longing for Uplift

Americans want to believe everyone has a fair chance to succeed.


The Comprehensive Case Against Donald Trump

The Trump oeuvre – what he has said, and done, and shown over the course of his life and this campaign — leads to an unfortunate but inescapable conclusion: Donald J. Trump is manifestly unfit to be president of the United States.

George Orwell’s Fierce Modesty

Orwell’s commitment to seek truth fiercely and bravely, while acknowledging that it is only one man’s truth, is a balance very few of us achieve.

Under the Dark Spell of Trump, Jerry Falwell Jr. Is Damaging Public Christian Witness

With his partisan, reckless comments, the Evangelical celebrity dishonors his Christian faith.

VIDEO: Trump says he won’t deport all illegal immigrants

On August 24, 2016, EPPC Senior Fellow Peter Wehner appeared on MSNBC’s “The Last Word” to discuss Donald Trump’s softening on immigration issues and the backlash from some prominent conservative supporters. Click here to watch the video.

VIDEO: Could Trump’s Troubles Cost Him RNC Cash?

EPPC Senior Fellow Peter Wehner appeared on MSNBC’s “The Last Word” to discuss the growing number of Republicans who are calling on the RNC to pull cash from Donald Trump’s campaign.