Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry

‘Secular’ Is a French Word for ‘Anti-Muslim’

The problems of Muslim integration are much broader than the obstacles thrown up by French secularism. But the secularist mantra stifles public debate and prevents progress on the other dimensions, whether socioeconomic or cultural.

What Foreigners Don’t Get About Emmanuel Macron

The French president’s brand of pragmatic centrist politics is really just class-interest-based politics.

The Catholic Church Used to be Like Silicon Valley. Can it be Again?

That the Catholic Church should put Silicon Valley—or any other institution or culture—to shame when it comes to world-changing innovation is not some tantalizing yet naïve prospect. It should be the baseline expectation for any educated Catholic.

In Medicine, the Science Has Stopped Working

The replication crisis in experimental psychology has been well publicized. But there is a replication crisis going on in biomedicine at the moment too, and it is even worse.

Nobody Knows What to Do about Health Care

There’s something profoundly conservative about tinkering around the edges rather than embarking on a grand reform agenda.

In Defense of ‘Thoughts and Prayers’

The urgency and vigor of those who despise the notion of “thoughts and prayers” would only be justified in their reaction if there were indeed a magic button we could push to fix the problem of gun violence tomorrow. And there isn’t.

We’re Too Afraid to Die

The limitless American pragmatism, with its faith in the possibility of technical solutions for every problem, is a powerful spur to heroic medicine when combined with fear of death.

The Most Wasteful Health Spending Is Also the Most Popular

America’s two major health-care entitlements, Medicare and employer-sponsored health insurance, are gobbling up ever-bigger amounts of cash for less and less value.

Half of All Health Spending Is Wasted

We know the American health-care system is wasteful. But we don’t dare to look at how much money we’re throwing away — and we especially don’t dare to do anything about it.

Why America is Coming Apart at the Seams

Race has always been an important and divisive issue in American politics, but there’s no question things have become much more abrasive in recent years.