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EPPC Scholars Offer Comments on the Equality Act

Scholars at the Ethics and Public Policy Center today weighed in on the Equality Act, which was introduced in the U.S. House and Senate this week, and which is expected to receive a vote in the House next week.

Mary Hasson Becomes EPPC’s Kate O’Beirne Fellow

The Ethics and Public Policy Center is delighted to announce that, thanks to the support of generous donors, it has established the Kate O’Beirne Fellowship in Catholic Studies and has named current EPPC Fellow Mary Rice Hasson as EPPC’s Kate O’Beirne Fellow.

EPPC Briefly: Yuval Levin on the Roots of a Reforming Conservatism

Mary Rice Hasson on complementarity in the church; George Weigel on Cardinal Francis George’s legacy; Bruce Cole on civics education; Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry on a surprising revolution in France; and much more.

Catholic Women and Contraception: Stark Challenges, Hidden Opportunities

A new report, What Catholic Women Think About Faith, Conscience, and Contraception, presents groundbreaking research on the views of church-going Catholic women (ages 18-54) on issues of faith, conscience, and contraception.

Mary Rice Hasson Joins EPPC as Fellow in Catholic Studies

The Ethics and Public Policy Center is pleased to report that Mary Rice Hasson has joined EPPC as a Fellow in our Catholic Studies program. “Mary Hasson writes insightfully on a broad range of topics,” observed EPPC President Ed Whelan, “and her ongoing project on Catholic women and sexual morality promises to be of special interest. It’s great to have her on board.”