Mary FioRito

A Passionate Pioneer Remembered

One woman whose name is seldom mentioned led a life that inspired all who encountered her, and her dynamic personality and rhetorical brilliance changed the mind of a president of the United States on one of the most contentious issues of the day. Her name was Dr. Mildred Fay Jefferson.

True Empowerment: 2020 March for Life Theme Returns to Pro-Life Beliefs of Early Feminism

Pro-life women hope to achieve genuine equality for women, working for a world in which every pregnancy, planned or unplanned, is always accommodated and celebrated as a gift that only women can bring.

The Consistent Ethic: Context and Controversy, Application, Misunderstandings, and Practical Considerations

Among the movements for social justice and equality, the pro-life movement is quite possibly the most diverse and inclusive.

Who Was Caryll Houselander, and Why Was She Called ‘a Divine Eccentric’?

Caryll Houselander’s writings contain the depth and insight of a theologian, although she had no formal theological training. Her artwork, children’s stories, and letters provided inspiration, guidance and comfort to a generation of English Catholics during and after the two World Wars.

Melinda Gates Is Wrong: Birth Control Isn’t Poverty Control

Even if the poor do achieve a momentary “lift” from the widespread use of artificial contraceptives, as Melinda Gates contends, it is a lift that will likely have no lasting impact. You don’t eliminate poverty by eliminating the poor.

AUDIO: Mary Fiorito on the Deregulation of Abortion and the Myth of Abortion “Care”

EPPC Cardinal Francis George Fellow Mary FioRito appeared on the Catholic Association’s Conversations with Consequences podcast to discuss recent legislative travesties and how perinatal hospice cares for both mother and child.

A Better Choice Than Late-Term Abortion: Perinatal Hospice Care

The idea that late-term abortions are sometimes the only way to spare children from a life of constant pain is unsupported.

Why ‘Unplanned’ is the R-rated movie every Catholic should see

It’s a good thing that “Unplanned” exposes abortion for the violence that it is; it’s part of the reason I recommend it.

AUDIO: Mary FioRito Discusses Kavanaugh, NIFLA, and More on IFA Podcast

EPPC Visiting Fellow Mary FioRito appeared on the Illinois Family Action podcast to discuss the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh; the NIFLA v. Becerra decision; the Illinois election dilemma facing pro-life voters, and more.

In Illinois, a Pro-Life Democrat and Not So Pro-Life Republican

Governor Bruce Rauner and congressman Dan Lipinski run for reelection. Each faces a tough primary opponent challenging his views on abortion.