Luma Simms

Iran’s Revolution Reconsidered

Iran and the rest of the Middle Eastern world do not need any more revolutions or Western foreign policy interventions. They need a revolution of conscience: the moral power of human dignity.

Policy Change Alone Can Never Fix Our Immigration Problems

Melting Pot or Civil War? offers what we might call economic solutions to what is fundamentally a human and cultural problem.

Immigrant Assimilation in the United States: Reihan Salam’s Melting Pot or Civil War?

Our immigration crisis needs more than just policy. When making policy changes that relate to immigration, we need to consider the human cost.

The Soul’s Need for Rootedness

Yoram Hazony’s The Virtue of Nationalism is a much-needed pushback against modern globalists and imperialists who would erase human distinctions and offers a much-needed impetus to rethink current political paradigms.

Iraqi Refugees Deserve Special Treatment

When it comes to Iraq in particular—and not only those Iraqis who directly helped the American military effort—the U.S. has distinct moral obligations.

Secular Nationalism, Islamism, and Making the Arab World

What have we learned from our failed Middle Eastern endeavors?

We Will Not Yield

What Newman said of his day is also true of our own: “The Catholic people, in the length and breadth of Christendom, were the obstinate champions of Catholic truth, and the bishops were not.”

Fathers, Help Us

A plea to bishops and priests: defend this Church; defend the bride of Christ. Militate against this cancer in your midst.

How the Trend of Young Adults Living With Their Parents Could Boost Social Capital

The American way is to view young adults still at home as a troubling trend; whereas, in the Middle Eastern culture, this extra time at home is a way to expand the social and economic capital of the family.

No, The Catholic Church’s Support Of Celibacy Doesn’t Make It Like Feminism

A new book by a Reformed Protestant author is poorly sourced and poorly argued, and makes many unfounded claims in its attempt to link the Catholic Church with the ills of feminism.