Luma Simms

Loneliness Is Fueling The Opioid Epidemic. Here’s How You Can Help.

Social despair more so than economic despair is the main driver behind our current opioid crisis; the task before us looms large, but there is a way to repair and rebuild social capital.

Is Immigration Good for Immigrants?

When immigration is not a free choice, when it is undertaken because of violence and fear, it is not an unqualified good for either the immigrant or the adoptive country.

Correcting for the Historian’s Middle Eastern Biases

Eugene Rogan’s The Arabs: A History will be of value to readers who wish to understand the Arab world the way Arabs want to be understood. As history it is fabulous, but as analysis, it has a certain bias that I found frustrating as an Arab Christian.

I Know How to Be Abased and I Know How to Abound

Though I used to hold Catholic social teaching in contempt, my journey to the Church forced me to rethink those presuppositions.

Convalidating an Existing Marriage: What Is It and Why?

God’s healing power through the means of the Church: annulment, reconciliation, and convalidation.

Being Realistic—but Hopeful—about Iran

The road to a modest modernization initiative that could open up Middle Eastern countries in a way that would not compromise their religious beliefs and Muslim identity is only through the path of the dignity of the human person.

Trump’s Rhetoric on Haiti is the Kind of Thing that Will Turn This Country Into a ‘Sh******’

The media is ablaze over a question President Trump reportedly asked lawmakers in a recent Oval Office meeting on immigration.

Why We Shouldn’t Expect Iranian Protests to Usher in a Democracy

Muslim peoples across the Middle East have struggled with separating modernization from Westernization without compromising themselves. We must be cautious in our response to the demonstration in Iran, and remember that the people of the Middle East value their identity.

Luma Simms Joins EPPC, Will Focus on Immigration

EPPC is pleased to welcome as its newest fellow Luma Simms, whose work will examine the individual, communal, ethical, religious, and philosophical dimensions of immigration.

AUDIO: Luma Simms on Discusses Immigration, Middle Eastern Christians on Catholic Vote Radio Hour

EPPC Fellow Luma Simms appeared on the Catholic Vote Radio Hour, where she discussed her journey from Baghdad to America, called for a safe zone for minorities in Iraq, and explained how Middle Eastern Christians are what the Middle East needs most.