Luma Simms

How the Trend of Young Adults Living With Their Parents Could Boost Social Capital

The American way is to view young adults still at home as a troubling trend; whereas, in the Middle Eastern culture, this extra time at home is a way to expand the social and economic capital of the family.

No, The Catholic Church’s Support Of Celibacy Doesn’t Make It Like Feminism

A new book by a Reformed Protestant author is poorly sourced and poorly argued, and makes many unfounded claims in its attempt to link the Catholic Church with the ills of feminism.

How to Make a Caring and Critical Assessment of Pope Francis

A new collection of essays offers up illuminating and respectful critiques of Pope Francis’ attitudes toward capitalism.

If You Stumble in the “Success Sequence,” a Strong Family Can Lift You Up

Wealth is not just economic, but familial—that is, someone can be rich in the strong bonds of family and community without necessarily being rich in money. For many in the immigrant subculture, the family is strong enough to withstand a misstep in the success sequence.

The Road to Iranian Democracy

A new book on the movement toward democracy in Iran is meticulous, bordering at times on repetitive. Yet it is a compelling description of the paths of democratization in developing countries, and of the Iranian situation in particular.

I First Read Humanae Vitae as a Protestant. Its Truthfulness Made Me Weep.

The world is full of lonely souls who need a beacon in their darkness, an ointment for their wounds, and a means of grace for their bereft spirits. For many, Pope Paul VI’s encyclical Humanae Vitae has been all that and more.

Identity and Assimilation

Assimilation has proven so difficult lately not because American culture is too cohesive and self-confident but because it has lost the capacity to tell its own story coherently.

Loneliness Is Fueling The Opioid Epidemic. Here’s How You Can Help.

Social despair more so than economic despair is the main driver behind our current opioid crisis; the task before us looms large, but there is a way to repair and rebuild social capital.

Is Immigration Good for Immigrants?

When immigration is not a free choice, when it is undertaken because of violence and fear, it is not an unqualified good for either the immigrant or the adoptive country.

Correcting for the Historian’s Middle Eastern Biases

Eugene Rogan’s The Arabs: A History will be of value to readers who wish to understand the Arab world the way Arabs want to be understood. As history it is fabulous, but as analysis, it has a certain bias that I found frustrating as an Arab Christian.