Henry Olsen

Democrats Want to Expand Welfare by Soaking the Rich. That Doesn’t Add Up.

Americans often grumble about their taxes every April 15, but the fact is that for all the complaints about waste, fraud and abuse, we do get a lot for what we pay. Other countries’ citizens get more, but they also pay more — a lot more.

Biden and Sanders Are the Front-Runners. They’ll Need Different Voters to Win.

The first votes won’t be cast for 10 months, but some of the underlying factors that will help determine the Democratic race’s outcome are already apparent.

Trump Has Two Big Problems in 2020: Pennsylvania and Michigan

Despite the booming national economy, many of the Midwestern areas that put President Trump in the White House haven’t benefited much, if at all, and it might cost him a second term.

A Supreme Court Race in Wisconsin Becomes a Good Omen for Trump

Conservative Brian Hagedorn’s apparent narrow victory in a Wisconsin Supreme Court race underscores how close the Badger State is likely to be in 2020 — and how important it is to President Trump’s reelection chances.

If Democrats Want to Protect the Rule of Law, They Can’t Rush the Mueller Report

Democrats might contemplate whether they would rather see special counsel Robert Mueller’s full, unredacted report or whether they would prefer that the prosecutions he initiated proceed as planned, without the additional wildcard of the unredacted report thrown into the mix.

So Trump Wants to Make the Gop the ‘Party of Health Care’? Here’s How to Do It.

Making Republicans the party of health care means putting the commitment to health care and financial security first and the goal of cost control second.

What Do Israeli and U.S. Politics Have in Common? National Identity Crises.

Old ideas of nationalism and traditional religion are not going away; any attempt to create a new Israel or United States needs to accommodate adherents of the old orthodoxies. Fail to heed these lessons, and a country descends into tribalism, recrimination and decline.

Revolt of the Somewheres

Our moralizing modern-day aristocrats are at odds with American justice.

Conservatives: Think Before You Defend the Electoral College

It is in conservatism’s long-term interest to trade the electoral college for a major reform of our voting system that works for both parties.

No, Religion Is Not Antithetical to Liberalism

Many deeply religious Americans feel surrounded and are desperate for some route of escape. That’s why they reluctantly backed President Trump. Liberals who want to confront autocracy abroad would be wise to find an accommodation with their adversaries at home before it’s too late.