Henry Olsen

Quarantine Protesters Don’t Represent All Conservatives. Here’s Why.

Movement conservatives are increasingly decrying stay-at-home orders and calling for the economy’s rapid reopening. This is, alas, yet another example of how the movement’s devotion to liberty as an overriding value is out of step with mainstream American opinion.

President Trump Can Learn Something From Michael Jordan

President Trump styles and sells himself as a great leader. The ESPN documentary on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, “The Last Dance,” shows, however, what a truly great leader looks like.

The Jobs Report Reveals the True American Carnage

The latest unemployment numbers are horrific enough. A deeper dive into the data, though, shows that it’s even worse than the headline unemployment rate suggests.

Trump’s Not the Only One Blaming China. Americans Increasingly Are, Too.

As the U.S. death toll mounts and the election fast approaches, it’s natural that both parties would try to pin the blame on a convenient target. For Democrats, the target will be Trump. For Republicans, the target will be China.

Justin Amash May Not Even Be the Most Important Third-Party Candidate

Justin Amash has a clear and consistent worldview while Jesse Ventura does not. But don’t be surprised if political analysts are talking a lot more about Ventura’s effect on the race come October.

COVID-19 Threatens Yet Another Victim: Social Security

Social Security’s long-term fiscal problems have been chronicled for years. The program has been forecast to go broke in the mid-2030s. Without tax hikes, spending cuts or a mixture of the two, there won’t be enough money left to pay 100 percent of scheduled Social Security benefits when that happens.

Does Trump Have a Secret Stash of Voters?

The Trump campaign can reasonably expect that independent voters who approve of his job performance will eventually come around to voting to reelect the president.

Trump’s COVID-19 Performance Is an Encapsulation of His Entire Presidency

Verbal turmoil is still the president’s chief rhetorical calling card. But it’s clear that actual policy is usually determined elsewhere.

There Are Patterns in the COVID-19 Crisis. Here’s What They Tell Us.

Different parts of the country show much different rates of infection, suggesting that some places might be able to reopen earlier than others.

Trump Can Learn Something From Boris Johnson About Leadership

President Trump’s partisans had better hope that somewhere deep within him there is a similar depth of character to that which British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has found.