George Weigel

High Noon in Poland, Thirty Years Later

There was, in living memory, a brief, shining moment of moral clarity in Polish politics. It might have been hoped that the lessons of the 1980s would have led Poland to model a new depth of debate in politics, rather than recycling the shallowness and shrillness found in much of the democratic world today.

Eastern Catholics and the Universal Church

The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church offers the world Church a living example of the truth that the only Catholicism that can attract 21st-century men and women to friendship with the Lord Jesus Christ and incorporation into his body, the Church, is Catholicism-in-full.

Restoring, and Strengthening, Episcopal Credibility

Pope Francis’s recent motu proprio on sexual abuse not only universalizes strong legal and procedural norms for dealing with clerical sexual abuse; it also allows, and might even be seen to call for, creativity on the part of national bishops’ conferences to build on the foundation Francis has laid.

AUDIO: George Weigel Discusses Pell Case on TCA Podcast

PPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel appeared on The Catholic Association’s Conversations with Consequences podcast to discuss the ongoing case involving sexual abuse charges against Australian Cardinal George Pell and the Cardinal’s pending appeal.

Biden, Bernardin, and Today

The “consistent ethic of life,” which some are trying to resurrect, has been twisted out of shape by politicians, and by partisans looking for cover for their favored candidates.

“Uncle Ted” and Me…

The notion that Theodore McCarrick was some sort of moderating centrist whose analysis of the condition of the Church in the United States was both correct and important has now leapt the Atlantic. And it is doing grave damage in Rome, and beyond.

The Pell Case: Developments Down Under

Friends of truth must hope that the judges hearing Cardinal George Pell’s appeal of the unjust verdict rendered against him in March will begin to restore safety and rationality to public life Down Under.

A Christian Gentleman in the Nation’s Capital

Former Librarian of Congress Jim Billington was a man in whom faith enlarged and amplified reason, while reason purified and deepened faith.

On the Composting of Thee and Me

If human beings have no special dignity within creation, then we have no special responsibility for creation.

Ukraine’s Presidential Election Was, among Other Things, a Rebuke to Moscow

It’s in the West’s interest to support Ukraine in its democratic transition.