George Weigel

Bitter Harvest and the Bitter Present in Ukraine

The 21st-century war on Ukraine is the result of one man’s deliberate policy, as was the terror famine of the 1930s. Then the perpetrator was Stalin; today, the perpetrator is Vladimir Putin.

A Modest Defense of the “Liberal World Order”

Might it not be the case that the “liberal world order” needs fixing rather than dismantling, as some “populists” propose today?

Remembering Michael Novak

The American scholar of Catholic social thought will be read for a long time to come.

Paul, Apollos, and Cephas, All Over Again

Christ is not divisible and neither is his truth. And authentic pastoral accompaniment must always be along “the way” of the One who is also “the truth and the life.”

Meeting with Moscow, Rome Must Refuse to Bend to the Putin Storyline

In its dealings with the Russian Orthodox Church, the Vatican must resist new falsifications of historical or current reality and make clear that the integrity and vitality of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and other Eastern Catholic Churches in union with Rome are not matters for negotiation.

Synod-Talk, Again

As the Church prepares for Synod 2018, there are some urgent lines of inquiry for our reflection.

VIDEO: George Weigel on Trump Immigration Order, Gorsuch, and the Need for a “Moral Awakening”

On February 2, 2017, EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel talked to EWTN’s Lauren Ashburn about President Trump’s immigration order, the President’s Supreme Court pick, and more. Click here or click below to watch part one of Mr. Weigel’s interview:   Click here or click below to watch part two of Mr. Weigel’s interview:

A Papal Tutor of Heroic Virtue

It’s not difficult to trace the influence of Jan Tyranowski on the teaching of the young man he helped to discern a vocation to the priesthood – the young man who would go on to become Pope St. John Paul II.

Theology isn’t Math; but it is Theology

There are many ways of doing theology, and not all of them are strictly syllogistic. But if theology decays into illogical forms of Newspeak, it is false to itself.

Fake History

Everyone has a right to their opinion about the state of Catholicism in 2017, but no one has a right to invent their own Church history.