George Weigel

The Ostpolitik Failed. Get Over It.

Pope Francis rightly wants to re-set many of the default positions in the Roman Curia. That re-set must begin with a frank recognition that, whatever its intentions, the Ostpolitik of John XXIII, Paul VI, and Agostini Casaroli was a failure.


The Last Puritan Statesman and the 2016 Conventions

John Quincy Adams stands out as a model for twenty-first-century American politicians because he aimed not to please, but to do the right thing, irrespective of the cost.


Interview: George Weigel on What Poland Can Teach the U.S.

Pope Francis heads to Poland later this month with freedom on the docket.

On not Settling for Mediocrity

With World Youth Day 2016 beginning in Cracow in less than three weeks, thoughts naturally turn to Pope St. John Paul II and his pilgrimages to his Polish homeland.


A Cinematic Lesson in Hope

A splendid new documentary explains how and why Pope John Paul II played a pivotal, indeed indispensable, role in the greatest drama of the last quarter of the twentieth century, the collapse of European communism.


Confessions of an “Elitist”

It’s time to push back against the “anti-elitist” thought police—and in so doing, help rescue American public life from terminal moral trivialization.

Two Catholics and the Catholic Game

Bill Freehan and Vin Scully: two craftsmen, two family men, two gentlemen, two Catholics, both heading into the twilight.


There Aren’t “Two Popes” in Any Way, Shape, or Form

No good end is served by suggestions that the Petrine ministry in our day has been redefined or expanded.


Only Francis Can Go to China?

If the Holy See makes a deal that seems to abandon Chinese democrats on Taiwan, while seeming to turn a blind eye to the intensifying pressures on civil-society institutions (including churches) on the mainland, the Church’s evangelical mission is going to be seriously damaged, now and in the future.

Intolerance and Evangelization

Cardinal Robert Sarah understands that any serious effort to follow Pope Francis and heal, evangelize, and convert the culture today requires recognizing the truth of the culture wars.

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