The House Republicans’ Health Plan

House Republican leaders have proposed a plan that differs in important ways from Obamacare. It will be up to the voters to decide if they like what they see.

Confessions of an “Elitist”

It’s time to push back against the “anti-elitist” thought police—and in so doing, help rescue American public life from terminal moral trivialization.

Universities’ War Against Truth

Having beliefs and expressing them is no longer tolerated, and the contagion is spreading.


Obama: Whose Side Is He On?

By steadfastly refusing to make distinctions among Muslims based upon ideology and conduct — by insisting that Muslims are no more plagued by violent extremism than, say, Presbyterians — President Obama has opened the door to Trump, who also makes no distinctions.


Two Catholics and the Catholic Game

Bill Freehan and Vin Scully: two craftsmen, two family men, two gentlemen, two Catholics, both heading into the twilight.


Bad History Is Killing Us

An extraordinary new report shows that our education system is failing to teach history in a way that would inspire the public with the knowledge and desire to protect America’s freedoms.

Entitlement Reform Remains an Absolute Necessity

Entitlement reform is not optional. If we wait until a crisis is upon us, the cuts will be blunt and disruptive.


The Indelible Stain of Donald Trump

The Republican Party’s politically lethal embrace of Donald J. Trump is very nearly complete.


Piecing America’s ‘Fractured Republic’ Back Together

No matter their politics, all readers will both learn from and be challenged by Yuval Levin’s framework and insights in his new book The Fractured Republic.

What the Stanford Rape Case Reveals

The case should remind us of something important — don’t think in categories. When it comes to understanding sexual assault, both Left and Right need to remove their blinders.