Families, Schools, and Churches: The Building Blocks of a Healthy Social Ecology

To create a society in which human beings can flourish, we must support child-raising families, schools that intentionally cultivate the intellectual and moral virtues, and local church communities.

The Republican Health-Care Debate

A guide for the perplexed.

Fake History

Everyone has a right to their opinion about the state of Catholicism in 2017, but no one has a right to invent their own Church history.

Safeguarding the Conditions for an Authentic Human Ecology

If we are to safeguard the moral conditions for an authentic human ecology we must take far more seriously the care, nurture, and cultivation of children and young people in virtue.

Eight Was Enough

In many ways Barack Obama and Donald Trump could not be more different. Yet one cannot make sense of the incoming presidency without understanding the failures of the outgoing one.

The March for Life and the Women’s March: Can We Walk on Common Ground?

While it might seem to the casual observer that participants in the Women’s March on Washington don’t have much in common with the March for Life, it’s almost too bad both groups won’t be there at the same time.

Goodbye to One Selfie President, Hello to Another?

If Trump has any sense, he’ll learn from Obama’s self-aggrandizing mistakes.

Infrastructure Dangers Ahead

To avoid getting stuck with a choice between voting for a sopping legislative mess or opposing one of the foremost priorities of a new president of their own party, Republicans need to be thinking about what a reasonable infrastructure measure might look like.

New York Times Smears Justice Scalia on Science

The New York Times‘s erroneous claims about Justice Scalia and science are a case study in its irredeemably irresponsible—indeed, flagrantly know-nothing—smugness.

Groovin’ on the Shock

The media’s dismay at the prospect of Donald Trump in the White House was understandable, but it certainly wasn’t as if that was all downside for them.