A New Awakening

Since election day, Americans of all political persuasions have been asking themselves two questions about 2016: What happened? And now what?

A Bishop of Consequence

If Archbishop Charles Chaput does not embody the spiritual and pastoral qualities the pope says he values in bishops, no one does.

The Waivers Question

The latest round of the GOP’s health-care reform effort, which has had a slightly lower profile but has been no less intense and quick than the prior ones, has begun to point the way from ends to means.

Interview: Ed Whelan, An EPPC Eye On Judicial Confirmations

A wide-ranging interview with EPPC President Ed Whelan, in which he discusses the Supreme Court confirmation process, clerking for Justice Scalia, listening to Vin Scully, attending the inauguration of Richard Nixon, and what it was like to work in all three branches of the federal government.

No Deal on Gorsuch Filibuster

The very fact that Senate Democrats have the votes to filibuster Neil Gorsuch shows that they will filibuster any plausible next nominee. So the “deal” that some are floating would simply confer on Democrats a preemptive veto over the next Supreme Court nomination.

Democratic Vendetta

California attorney general Xavier Becerra’s prosecution of David Daleiden is a political vendetta.

Waugh’s Helena, Father General, and the Reality of Revelation

It has been clear for over two years that the marriage/divorce/holy communion controversy pits those who, with Vatican II, affirm the reality of revelation against those who insist that experience and history judge revelation.

After Great Pain, Where Is God?

All things may eventually be made new again, but in this life even wounds that heal leave scars.

Cessation of the Oracles

Those of us who are disinclined to take the oracular pronouncements of the media as to what is truth or fact at their own valuation take a somewhat different view of what constitutes fake news and think that they ought to have sufficient self-awareness to see what we see.

Inside the Conservative Identity Crisis

So many conservatives have so internalized the progressive critique that they act it out. They’ve been told for so long by progressives that to be conservative is to be a jerk that they actually think that the way to be conservative is to be a jerk.