Questions for Mr. Tillerson

Tillerson’s business experience is impressive, but it tells us nothing important about whether he is a good choice for secretary of state. What is most relevant, and what the senators who question him during his confirmation hearings will want to illuminate, is what are his views on American foreign policy?


The Persecution of Professor Esolen

A college whose leadership is committed to the great Catholic tradition of liberal learning, and to Catholic leadership in the reform of an increasingly incoherent and authoritarian American intellectual and educational culture, would celebrate Tony Esolen’s contributions. It certainly wouldn’t coddle his persecutors.


Eight Priorities for Any Republican Plan to Replace Obamacare

Republicans can’t just repeal Obamacare—they need to have a plan for replacing it, in the first 100 days of Trump’s administration.


Apathy in the Executive

If Republican congressional leaders are alert to the peculiar demands of this moment and can exercise some effective and thoughtful discretion over the policy agenda of the right, some meaningful achievements are surely within reach. But those are very big “if”s.


Can Diet Explain the Rising Death Rates of White Americans?

It’s time to move past nutritional myths and leave current dietary guidelines behind.


Books for Christmas 2016

Take a stand against the electrification of reading and consider the following, in properly bound form, as gifts for those on your Christmas—not “Holiday”—list.


Partisans of Liberal Education

We ought to read great books and great thinkers to learn from them what we may not already know, and what might challenge what we think and how we think.


The Media Has Been Reporting Fake News about Castro and Cuba for Years

While the media melts down over “fake news,” Castro’s death generates more of it.


How Francois Fillon Scrambled the French Election

A recent primary result heralds the potential not only for a U.S.-style conservative moment in French politics, but for a decisive shifting of the so-called Overton Window, the implicit matrix in a society for what you can talk about and not talk about in public.


What’s the Point of Education?

Once we see that the primary purpose of education is to safeguard knowledge, all the fairy castles of the educationists tumble in ruins.