PFAW’s Feeble Attacks on Gorsuch

Elliot Mincberg’s bill of particulars against Gorsuch is a joke.

Gorsuch Speeches

The nominee’s remarks shed some light on his judicial philosophy.

Judge Gorsuch and Administrative Law

Judge Gorsuch is very attentive to the separation-of-powers concerns that modern administrative law presents.

Judge Gorsuch and Religious Liberty

Judge Gorsuch has a very impressive record in favor of religious liberty—and against a hyper-expansive reading of the Establishment Clause that would exclude religion from the public square.

A Supreme Successor to Justice Scalia

Rocky Mountain native Neil Gorsuch has an impressive judicial record as an originalist.

A Warning Sign

The last few days need to serve as a bright, blaring warning to the new administration that it is not yet prepared to do its job in confronting the crises that surely lie ahead.

Is High Culture a Luxury, or a Necessity?

From fine art to music, enjoying high culture has largely been seen as a reserve for leisure time – but in truth, it’s an essential element of everyday life.

How Trump Could Turn a Good Neighbor Into a Bad One

With his insults and unnecessary posturing, Donald Trump is jeopardizing one of America’s most important relationships.

How Dr. Seuss Can Help Explain the March for Life to Children

As today’s March for Life unfolds in Washington, D.C., parents may find themselves asking how to get across the pro-life argument to young children in a way that doesn’t seem either terrifying or harsh.

Where Do Our Morals Come From?

Today, in academic philosophy, the idea of morality as a feeling has mostly won the day, albeit with moral rationalists fighting a vigorous insurgency.