Celebrating Justice Thomas’s 25 Years on the Supreme Court

Justice Clarence Thomas has built a remarkable corpus of work on a broad range of constitutional provisions, including the commerce clause, the First Amendment’s freedom of speech, and the 14th Amendment’s privileges or immunities clause. His separate opinions, both concurrences and dissents, stand as an enduring legacy.


On not Settling for Mediocrity

With World Youth Day 2016 beginning in Cracow in less than three weeks, thoughts naturally turn to Pope St. John Paul II and his pilgrimages to his Polish homeland.


The Theology of Donald Trump

The fulsome embrace of Donald Trump by many evangelicals is rather problematic, since he embodies a worldview that is incompatible with Christianity.


Why Do They Hate Hillary Clinton?

It’s worth recalling how Hillary Clinton earned her miserable reputation. It was the flagrant and prodigious lies. She has arguably abused power, enriched herself and her family with blatant influence selling, and betrayed an arrogant disregard for the normal rules.


A Cinematic Lesson in Hope

A splendid new documentary explains how and why Pope John Paul II played a pivotal, indeed indispensable, role in the greatest drama of the last quarter of the twentieth century, the collapse of European communism.


Brexit and the Counter-Cosmopolitans

The articulation of a key role for both the community and the nation-state in giving shape to the future and pushing back against political and economic globalism is key to the task conservatives face in the coming years.


Is Hellerstedt this Generation’s Roe?

There is no question that the Supreme Court’s decision yesterday in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt is a win for abortion clinics and their doctors. Whether the decision is a victory for women and for liberty, we ought not be so sure.

For SCOTUS, a New Era of Judicial Interference

The Supreme Court’s decision in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt marks a dramatic escalation in the controversial jurisprudence of abortion.


Men at Work . . . or Not

Labor-force participation is declining because the family has declined.


Why Leaving the EU is the Right Decision for the UK

The British people have done something eminently responsible: they voted for liberal democracy in response to elites that have been out of touch for decades.