Piecing America’s ‘Fractured Republic’ Back Together

No matter their politics, all readers will both learn from and be challenged by Yuval Levin’s framework and insights in his new book The Fractured Republic.

What the Stanford Rape Case Reveals

The case should remind us of something important — don’t think in categories. When it comes to understanding sexual assault, both Left and Right need to remove their blinders.


Reality Check: Gender Diversity is Driven by a Top-Down Ideological Movement

How did transgenderism, gender fluidity, and the like gain such traction? And can we just wait it out? We must counter gender ideology now, before we find ourselves in a world we no longer recognize.

Elon Musk’s Artificial Intelligence

Elon Musk’s Twitter-friendly joke suggests that our AI gurus actually know a lot less about what they’re doing than they think they do. Which, depending on your perspective, is either reassuring or terrifying.


Scandals and Experts

The secret of Donald Trump’s success for so long as he has had it has been the same as Rob Ford’s was before he lost it to mere media celebrity: he makes people who are not of the governing class and who have no hope of joining it feel that he is on their side against those who appear to be arrogating to themselves a right to govern.

Republicans’ Delusional Hopes

Republicans continue to hope that Trump will become a dignified, decorous figure. He won’t, and it’s delusional to believe he will.

A Historian’s Craft

The historian’s ideal, and such happiness as he enjoys, is very like the Greek philosopher’s, like Aristotle’s in particular. How far Jacob Burckhardt upheld that ideal is a question that historians and political men will continue to dispute in time to come, for his is a mind that matters, in its passion and dispassion.

There Aren’t “Two Popes” in Any Way, Shape, or Form

No good end is served by suggestions that the Petrine ministry in our day has been redefined or expanded.


A Gorilla ‘Tragedy’

Treating animals like people creates moral confusion.

Macra: The Quiet Health-Care Takeover

A 962-page rule puts the federal government between doctors and patients.