The Bishops Caught Between the Vatican and the Chinese Government

The Vatican wants to normalize the situation of the church in China and needs to improve relations with the government to do that. What the Vatican will be willing to give up to get that deal remains to be seen.

What Will November Bring?

In the 2018 midterm elections, the GOP’s best hope lies in coordinating a message in line with what President Trump is likely to do anyway—emphasizing the populist issues that helped fuel his victory.

How Democracies Panic

The inability to worry properly without panicking makes it much harder for our politics to take the future seriously, to consider tradeoffs, and to see the case for less-than-radical policy action.

New Directions in Scandalology

It is not elected officials of either party but the media, with the power to decide what is scandal and what is not, who are now in charge of us all.

Homage to Don Briel

The true revolutionary in American Catholic higher education over the past decades has been Don Briel, who has enlivened an approach to higher education that embodies the New Evangelization as no one else has done.

Being Realistic—but Hopeful—about Iran

The road to a modest modernization initiative that could open up Middle Eastern countries in a way that would not compromise their religious beliefs and Muslim identity is only through the path of the dignity of the human person.

Yes, Trump Is Weak. So Is Congress.

President Trump’s weakness has shed light on Congress’s weakness, and should force legislators to face some tough questions about the state of their own institution.

What Foreigners Don’t Get About Emmanuel Macron

The French president’s brand of pragmatic centrist politics is really just class-interest-based politics.

Real Message of #MeToo: The Sexual Revolution Has Not Been Kind to Women

What we are seeing in the broader culture now is something that has been evident on college campuses for some time — women are unhappy about the state of sex and romance.

Justice and Sorrow

Last year or perhaps the year before marked the 2,500th anniversary of Herodotus’ birth. We can be grateful still to have his work after all these years, but his bleak teaching does not suit our time and place, which is averse to the tragic sense of life.