Is There Life After Trump?

If the forces that propelled Donald Trump’s rise are not defeated, what happened this year will be replicated in one form or another, and the Republican Party will continue to inflict great harm on our republic.


Hospice, Not Abortion, for Dying Infants

Given Hillary Clinton’s strong support from Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry, it’s no surprise that she defended late-term abortion. But she did a tremendous disservice particularly to families facing the tragedy of a dying infant.


An Impeachable Clinton May Do Less Damage than an Unbridled Trump

This is a toxic election, and there may be only one remedy left.


It’s Time for the Right to Get Serious about Tackling Cronyism

Conservatives should act to restore confidence in free markets.

Wall Street Bull

After the Fact

In journalism today, bias is giving way to mere advocacy because the political culture has again become (rhetorically, at least) revolutionary — which is the only way so establishment a figure as Hillary Clinton can claim to be the candidate of “change.”


Pope Francis’s Deal With China is a Disaster

It would not only be morally indefensible, it would also amount to nothing less than a dynamiting of Chinese Catholicism.


Flood of Memories

Recalling a historic flood that swept through Florence in 1966 and destroyed many of the city’s cultural treasures.


Those Catholic Wikileaks

Anyone who’s been paying attention has long known that a lot of money, usually from secular sources allied to fanatic population controllers, has been used to create “Catholic organizations” that are little more than letterheads.


In Defense of Politics, Now More Than Ever

Repairing our politics begins with understanding the nature of the enterprise. Alleviating the public’s bitter mistrust of politics requires coming to terms with its mundane realities and limits.


Barbara Comstock: The New Face of the Republican Party

In a year when the two major-party presidential nominees are dismaying and demoralizing, it’s a relief to pay tribute to a politician who is honorable, able, and worthy.