Review: Darkest Hour

Movies about historical events always tell us more about the time in which they were made than they do about the time in which they are set.

Men Without Conviction, Churches Without People

If ministers of the gospel cannot challenge the world’s distortions of the gospel with the truth of the gospel, is it any wonder that their church pews are empty?

On the Vatican’s Reported Capitulation to Beijing

In light of the Vatican’s dismal track record in dealing with totalitarian regimes, prudence and caution would seem to be the order of the day in Vatican negotiations with the totalitarians in charge in Beijing. But there has been no discernible examination of conscience at the higher altitudes of Vatican diplomacy.

A Consistent Ethic of Life Must Begin with Defending Life Itself

The greatest, most glaring inconsistency in Catholic witness to human dignity and the sanctity of life is the widespread Catholic facilitation of, and support for, the killing of innocent children through abortion.

Putting Down the Big Dog

The moral panic over celebrity male sexual misbehavior that has raged through the media since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke in October seems to be part of the on-going progressive effort to bring about the eviction of President Trump from the executive mansion.

Pursuing the Truth Requires Modesty about Ourselves

Truth is not subjective. But we should be modest about our grasp of the truth, mindful of our limited understanding and our own tendency to reach conclusions first and find evidence second.

The Catholic Church Doesn’t Do “Paradigm Shifts”

The evolution of the Church’s understanding of the gospel over the centuries is not a matter of “paradigm shifts,” or ruptures, or radical breaks and new beginnings; it’s a question of what theologians call the development of doctrine.

I Know How to Be Abased and I Know How to Abound

Though I used to hold Catholic social teaching in contempt, my journey to the Church forced me to rethink those presuppositions.

Convalidating an Existing Marriage: What Is It and Why?

God’s healing power through the means of the Church: annulment, reconciliation, and convalidation.

The Conspiratorial Mindset among the President’s Supporters

President Trump’s champions demand that so-called Never Trumpers acknowledge his accomplishments (which many do), yet they display no willingness to concede that they are paying a huge price in credibility by descending to truth-free tactics in defense of him.