The Polling Industry Can’t Sweep Its Failure Under the Rug

Political prognostication is an art as well as a science. Pollsters and analysts clearly leaned too much in favor of purported science this time around.

Trump Establishes 1776 Commission

A new executive order marks an important step in President Trump’s efforts to foster patriotic education.

My Predictions for the 2020 Presidential and Congressional Races

EPPC Senior Fellow Henry Olsen offers his biennial forecast for Election Day.

Trump Lives in a Hall of Mirrors and He’s Got Plenty of Company

If Donald Trump loses his re-election bid, there will be a lot of ruin to sort through. But his most damaging and enduring legacy may well turn out to be the promiscuous use of conspiracy theories that have defined both the man and his presidency.

Biden May Be Just the Person America Needs

In a different time, with a different president, Joe Biden would not stand out. But President Trump’s particular maladies have created a moment in which Biden’s greatest strengths as a person are most needed by the nation.

Interview: Erika Bachiochi on the Future of Pro-Life Feminism

The question that divides us is how we ought to respond to reproductive asymmetry: the reality that women carry disproportionate burdens due to our special role in human reproduction.

Warring Spirits

Our country is soul-sick from worshipping many idols – Mammon, Asmodeus, and Moloch. It shows. The signs are all around us, for those with eyes to see.

Biden’s Bipartisan Plan: Destroy American Education

The campus free-speech crisis, kicked into high gear by the election of President Trump in 2016, has metastasized into the woke revolution of 2020, transforming American attitudes toward education in the process.

Why the Digital Mob Fears the Power of Little-Read Books

Modern technology obscures both the past and the future by locking us in the frenzies of the present and interfering with reflective thought.

Faith, Reason, and Catholic Political Engagement

What the Church expects us to do in this and every election is to follow our consciences—but also to form our consciences intelligently, in accord with Christian truth.