The Campus Free-Speech Crisis Is Real, and Clemson’s Got It

Some commentators have argued that the so-called campus free-speech crisis rests on a series of isolated shout-down anecdotes and that these anecdotes are contradicted by opinion surveys showing broad student support for free speech. But a look at the past twelve years of “anecdotes” from Clemson University shows the crisis is very real. And if the campus free-speech crisis is alive at Clemson, it’s likely far more widely spread.

A Time for Choosing

If the voter base of the conservative movement no longer supports the small-government, open-to-the-world policies that so many leading critics of President Trump back, what are the critics to do? More important, what should be the movement’s response to this dissatisfaction?

This Is What You Call a Conservative Budget?

Republicans have used their control of the legislative and executive branches to enact a huge tax cut without offsetting spending reductions, to increase domestic discretionary spending to levels that delight Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, and to leave entitlements — the great drivers of unsustainable debt — untouched.

The Pope’s Mess

Ross Douthat, in his new book, To Change the Church, looks at Pope Francis’s pontificate, examining both the missed opportunities and the ongoing search for a new, stable synthesis.

Memory, Identity, and Patriotism

National identity is a precious thing, but it can only lead to a true civic patriotism if it deals with history honestly.

France’s Ban On Hate Speech Goes Too Far

A new French law is unlikely to deter those who hurl racist abuse online, as they tend to thrive off a desire to thumb their noses at the established order. But the potential for abuse is enormous.

An Even Worse Vatican Deal with China

Why would the Catholic Church accept a deal in which the Communist Party nominated Catholic bishops?

Sights on the Senate

Both polling and historical analysis suggest Republicans could gain seats in the Senate in the 2018 midterm elections even as the party generally suffers a downturn.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Reputation

In trying to modernize our understanding of the “elusive concept” of reputation, a new book loses sight of its historical meaning.

Long Weekend at Kamala’s

Supporters of Bernie Sanders are surely sincere in their conviction that superdelegates cost their man the 2016 nomination. But in their rush to make the path straight for his return, they are clearing the path for a progressive with more cross-racial appeal, like Kamala Harris, to push him aside.