The Challenge for Republicans

It will be essential to oppose Trump when he strays in dangerous directions.


Good News, Bad News

The good news is that she lost. The bad news is that he won.


Edmund Burke’s Economics of Flourishing

Considering the link between economic liberty and human flourishing through the lens of the thought of Edmund Burke is a good way to be reminded of the moral and political depths of economic questions, because Burke thought about economics almost exclusively as a function of such deeper questions.


Catholicism Embodied: “The Pivotal Players”

A new DVD series profiles six of the most striking personalities in Catholic history, who each lived at a time of crisis for the Church, and helped the Church to address that crisis creatively while remaining true to itself.


A New Political Reality

The basic peril with Donald Trump has always been, in a sense, personal—that he has shown himself to be unfit for the job to which he has now been elected. We should all now hope those indications were inaccurate, or not the whole story, but we cannot simply let such hopes overcome all evidence to the contrary.


The Year of the Con: When the Civil Calendar and the Liturgy of Hours Align

Understanding the con(s) perpetrated in this election cycle is the beginning of the conversion that must follow — the conversion to reason and truth-telling — if 2016 is not to mark an acceleration point on the slippery slope that began in earnest some 20 years ago.


Why I Disagree with Most National Polls: My 2016 Final Predictions

The race is not over, though Clinton is favored, but a small movement in a key state could deliver a win to Trump.


Is There Life After Trump?

If the forces that propelled Donald Trump’s rise are not defeated, what happened this year will be replicated in one form or another, and the Republican Party will continue to inflict great harm on our republic.


Hospice, Not Abortion, for Dying Infants

Given Hillary Clinton’s strong support from Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry, it’s no surprise that she defended late-term abortion. But she did a tremendous disservice particularly to families facing the tragedy of a dying infant.


An Impeachable Clinton May Do Less Damage than an Unbridled Trump

This is a toxic election, and there may be only one remedy left.