Waugh’s Helena, Father General, and the Reality of Revelation

It has been clear for over two years that the marriage/divorce/holy communion controversy pits those who, with Vatican II, affirm the reality of revelation against those who insist that experience and history judge revelation.

After Great Pain, Where Is God?

All things may eventually be made new again, but in this life even wounds that heal leave scars.

Cessation of the Oracles

Those of us who are disinclined to take the oracular pronouncements of the media as to what is truth or fact at their own valuation take a somewhat different view of what constitutes fake news and think that they ought to have sufficient self-awareness to see what we see.

Inside the Conservative Identity Crisis

So many conservatives have so internalized the progressive critique that they act it out. They’ve been told for so long by progressives that to be conservative is to be a jerk that they actually think that the way to be conservative is to be a jerk.

Good, Bad, and Emotional Arguments about Immigration

The attempt to tar all immigrants as violent criminals — or to let emotional appeals dictate policy — is exactly what fair-minded admirers of Judge Gorsuch will resist.

On “Owning” the Church

A serious reflection on the questions, “Who owns the Church?” and “What does this ‘ownership’ mean?” will begin with the Word of God: in this case, the Last Supper discourse of Jesus in John’s gospel.

The House Should Slow Down and Fix the GOP Health-Care Bill

The bill suffers from a lack of clarity about how to handle the Senate’s reconciliation rules. Greater clarity would require Republicans to decide between doing more or doing less than this bill envisions.

GOP Priorities Don’t Resonate With Voters on Healthcare

For many people, nothing is more important about the AHCA than the number of people it helps to buy health insurance. For the Republican leadership, however, it seems the most important value of the bill can be summed up in one word: money.

The Democrats’ Stance on Immigration Will Lead to Electoral Disaster

Democrats are either unwilling to see the truth or unable to acknowledge it: They cannot win back the presidency without attracting people who disagree with some of their views.

Republicans Shouldn’t Expect a Quick Health-Care Compromise

Ideological purity and political capital come into conflict on health care.