Tribes of the Lonely

Senator Ben Sasse’s new book Them: Why We Hate Each Other — and How to Heal is not so much a lament for a bygone era as an attempt to diagnose and repair what has led us to this moment of spittle-flecked rage.

The Blue Wall

Donald Trump is president because he broke the “blue wall” in the Rust Belt. But Democrats performed very well in most of those states in the midterms, raising expectations that they can retake the region and thereby deny Trump reelection. And a close read of the returns gives reason for hope and concern on both sides.

Cleansed and Conformed to God’s Will

That the Church needs cleansing is not much in doubt as Advent 2018 dawns. And that cleansing will necessarily involve everyone in the Church.

You Can Hate Me as Much as You Like – It’s Not a Crime

If there is hatred in our society, it does not come from ordinary prejudices, such as those that lead rival groups of citizens to treat each other with suspicion; it stems from those who do not see prejudice for what it is, the natural response to difference, and the desire to live in a comfort zone of one’s own.

Growth and Work

Over the past few days, a very interesting and worthwhile debate has arisen among several thoughtful conservatives about growth, work, and prosperity.

Remembering a Christian Gentleman

No Librarian of Congress had a greater impact on the Library or did more to make it an integral part of the nation’s cultural life than James H. Billington.

Giving Thanks in Tumultuous Times

There is good evidence that gratitude increases happiness.

We Need an Answer to Idolatrous Nationalism. But Don’t Look to Emmanuel Macron.

The way to head off the worst strains of nationalism is to pre-empt them with more humane appeals to legitimate concerns for national identity.

Reckoning with the Baltimore Fiasco

If Rome thinks delaying action by American bishops or weakening conference leadership is in the best interests of American Catholics, then they are gravely mistaken. The last thing American Catholics need right now is to be treated as pawns in an ecclesiastical power struggle.

Vatican Autocracy and the U.S. Bishops

What conceivable meaning of “synodality” or “collegiality” includes an autocratic Roman intervention in the affairs of a national bishops’ conference that knows its own situation far better than the Roman authorities do?