Wojtyłan Fantasies, Revisited

Political appeals to base motives and economic appeals to crass acquisitiveness have done serious harm to the freedom project in the West. In that sense, John Paul II’s mature social-ethical thought is more important than ever for serious thinkers and leaders to engage, in a conversation crucial to the future of the West, and indeed the entire world.

What I’ve Gained by Leaving the Republican Party

The party of Reagan has been fundamentally transformed. It’s now Donald Trump’s party, through and through.

The Moral Depravity of Andrew Cuomo & Friends

New York’s sordid new “Reproductive Health Act” legalizes the brutal exercise of raw power over an innocent human life.

Trump Delivered the Best, Most Reaganesque Speech of His Tenure

From start to finish in his State of the Union address, President Trump did something he rarely does: extol the virtue of the everyday American and give credit to the freedom that is our birthright

2020 Vision

While it’s too early to make any strong predictions, an early glance at the 2020 Senate map suggests continued Republican control is the likeliest outcome.

Knowing What We’re Up Against

While the failings of priests and bishops are an obvious place to start for dealing with the current crisis, the way toward genuine reform will require careful thinking and a broader perspective, including the laity’s place in the life, governance, and mission of the Church.

The Courageous Honesty of Peter Steinfels

Journalist Peter Steinfels has done the Catholic Church in the United States—and American society as a whole—a tremendous service by telling some disturbing truths about the August 2018 Pennsylvania grand jury report on clerical sexual abuse.

Start Your Primary Engines

The race for the Democratic 2020 Presidential nomination has already started in earnest.

High School Morality Play

Today’s progressives place adolescents at the center of their moral imaginations, as if the moods of teenagers were the mirror of their most consequential thoughts. 

An Opening for a Party of Reality

Republicans and Democrats alike encourage victimhood. We need a party that will address the true problems we face.