Spinning Sorrow: The Uses and Abuses of Forgiveness in the Public Sphere

In a recent column, Michael Gerson of the Washington Post explains that this discussion from EPPC’s Faith Angle Forum sheds light on the “acute shortage of public integrity at the highest level of our politics.”


Republicans Race Democrats to Dig the Deeper Grave

The GOP has sunk farther thanks to a full-on suicide that not even a novelist would have imagined.

Trump, Kaine, and More Illusions

American Catholics for whom the noun, not the adjective, is determinative are thus faced with a brutal fact: Our deeply wounded political culture has produced two impossible options in the 2016 Republican and Democratic tickets.

Where Does a Patriot Turn in 2016?

Donald Trump and President Obama share the philosophy that America causes more problems than it solves, and no champion of conservatism is left.

Ground Beef

A new book offers a sometimes interesting, sometimes tedious assessment of the legacy of Chief Justice Burger’s Supreme Court.

What “Hillbilly Elegy” Reveals About Trump and America

In the realm of race, sex, and class, the pandering to groups goes beyond bad economics and government waste and into the dangerous territory of pitting Americans against one another. The problems of the white working class should concern every public-spirited American not because they’ve been forgotten or taken for granted but because they are fellow Americans.

Homelessness, Party-Style

I shall undoubtedly vote for Republicans down the ballot in November. Leading Republicans still promote an agenda of national renewal that seems to me more reflective of Catholic social doctrine than anything on offer from the Democrats. But I cannot bring myself to vote for Donald Trump for president, even under the rubric of playing strategic electoral defense.

Why I Am Not a Cruzite

Politicians position and hedge and dodge. Understood. But when that positioning comes in the form of undermining a key institution, such as the Republican party, it’s playing with fire.

Yuval Levin on How the Republican Party Lost its Way

EPPC Hertog Fellow Yuval Levin discusses Donald Trump, conservatism, the future of the Republican Party, and much more.


Why Conservatives Failed to Stop Donald Trump

#NeverTrump never coalesced around an alternative candidate because the conservative movement is in a full-blown identity crisis.