The Coming Budget Showdown

The basic problem is simple: Mexico isn’t going to pay for the border wall that President Trump wants, and congressional Democrats don’t want to pay for it either. A shutdown is entirely possible.

It’s High Time Columbia’s Mattress Girl Was Discredited

We can debate why sexual misconduct and rape have become such pressing problems (spoiler alert: it has everything to do with the sexual revolution and hook-up culture), but facts are stubborn things, and it has become clear that in Emma Sulkowicz’s case, the man she accused, not she, was almost certainly the victim.

Party Lines Crossed

The Republican Senate’s failure to repeal or replace Obamacare is more than simply a stunning condemnation of Republican voters and the administration. It is an exposure of the party’s intellectual incoherence.

Questions of Competence

A recent article concerning the American political scene raises deeply disturbing questions about the competence of both the Vatican’s Secretariat of State and the journal La Civiltà Cattolica.

The Threat of Free Speech in the University

Free speech in a university is a very different thing from free speech in Congress or Parliament, freedom of the press, or free speech in the street.

Donald Trump’s Transgender Military ‘Policy’ Is His Latest Misdirection

If President Trump were truly concerned about the impact of transgender troops on military readiness, he would take the trouble to educate himself on the matter and then propose legislation, so that his policy could not easily be overridden by the next president. Instead, he chose to troll the Left by announcing a sweeping ban.

Are Jihadis “Losers”?

Islam must develop and propagate an Islamic case against terrorist violence. It won’t be easy. But it must be done.

Why Would You Want Putin as a Friend?

You have to overlook a lot to imagine that Russia’s intentions toward the United States and the West are benign.

The Cooler Cold War

The call for serious and creative thinking about Russia is welcome and sensible. The claim that the Cold War is over is not, because Vladimir Putin never got that memo.

Why the Pope is Fighting for Charlie Gard

Once again, Pope Francis is offering a powerful, profound and much-needed lesson to the entire world about how to love unconditionally our brothers and sisters on the peripheries and the grave perils of what he calls a “throwaway culture” that casts aside the weak and defenseless.