Creation, Redemption, Martyrdom: A Lenten Reflection

The Church, the continuation of Christ’s presence in the world, is a communion of disciples in mission. That mission often carries heavy costs, and it is appropriate to be reminded of that as the Church walks the Way of the Cross these last weeks of Lent.

Pete Buttigieg’s Very Public Faith Is Challenging Assumptions

Pete Buttigieg’s tone separates him from many evangelical leaders—but in one crucial way, he might be replicating a mistake of the religious right.

A Better Choice Than Late-Term Abortion: Perinatal Hospice Care

The idea that late-term abortions are sometimes the only way to spare children from a life of constant pain is unsupported.

Biden and Sanders Are the Front-Runners. They’ll Need Different Voters to Win.

The first votes won’t be cast for 10 months, but some of the underlying factors that will help determine the Democratic race’s outcome are already apparent.

Trump Has Two Big Problems in 2020: Pennsylvania and Michigan

Despite the booming national economy, many of the Midwestern areas that put President Trump in the White House haven’t benefited much, if at all, and it might cost him a second term.

Biden and the Problem of Touch

Before we close the books with the #MeToo conclusion that touching is “problematic,” we might want to consider some other evidence that suggests we aren’t touching enough.

Battle for a Continent

Without candor and a sense of proportion, the whole truth about the encounter of civilization with barbarism in North America has degenerated into a Hollywood fantasy of unforgivable evildoing on the part of white invaders. A corrective to this woke narrative can be found in the writings of Francis Parkman, the supreme historian of that fateful encounter, which was really a world-historical collision.

The Democratic Party is Radicalizing

Liberals wondering why conservatives who worry about President Trump don’t join the Democrats should consider what is happening on their own side of the aisle.

The High-Priced Spread, Revisited

Thanks to a renaissance in Catholic higher education, Catholic parents serious about real education and real formation have options other than so-called “elite” universities.

A Word for the Filibuster

The legislative filibuster should not be done away with in the name of pure majority rule. In our time even more than usual, Congress should be designed to require and compel accommodation.