Paul, Apollos, and Cephas, All Over Again

Christ is not divisible and neither is his truth. And authentic pastoral accompaniment must always be along “the way” of the One who is also “the truth and the life.”

Another Kind of Resistance — from Parents

In the Chicago suburbs, parents fight back against radical propaganda in the guise of instruction.

This New Study Shows how Important it is for Kids to have Married Parents

A look at family trends from more than 60 countries bolsters the case that we should be protecting families through a social-legal institution that makes it harder to break up our children’s lives.

Meeting with Moscow, Rome Must Refuse to Bend to the Putin Storyline

In its dealings with the Russian Orthodox Church, the Vatican must resist new falsifications of historical or current reality and make clear that the integrity and vitality of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and other Eastern Catholic Churches in union with Rome are not matters for negotiation.

Synod-Talk, Again

As the Church prepares for Synod 2018, there are some urgent lines of inquiry for our reflection.

On Nationalism and Exceptionalism

A nationalism of cultural particularism is the only kind of nationalism that can effectively and enduringly serve the cause of national unity. And it is ultimately inseparable from American exceptionalism.

Toward a Conservative Immigration Policy

Thinking seriously about immigration has become much harder than it needs to be for both conservatives and liberals in America.

Trump’s Election is the Last, Best Hope to Re-Reaganize the GOP

A re-Reaganized Republican Party would, like Reagan, meld a belief in limited but forceful government action with the traditional belief in the private sector.

It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It

Trump has displayed a clear sense of terrorism’s threat, but he needs wisdom in addressing it.

The Campus Free Speech Act: A Way to Restore the Marketplace of Ideas

The fraying of commitment to freedom of speech on the part of college educated millennials, as well as many faculty and administrators, has reached the point where it threatens not only liberal education, but the very survival of the liberty of thought and expression in America at large.