Conservative Elites Love to Defend Market Orthodoxy. Don’t Fall for It.

The New Deal’s intellectual core, that the federal government should vigorously act to correct market failures, remains at the center of what Americans expect from Washington. Donald Trump’s nomination and election proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that even a majority of Republicans agree.

Conservative Women and the Intra-Conservatism Debate

The men that are the standard-bearers of conservatism need to make a greater effort to cultivate conservative women’s voices in the public square.

Lessons of Chernobyl

The excellent HBO series Chernobyl offers an overdue glimpse into the leviathan of lies that was the Soviet system.

You Have the Right to Bare Arms, but Why Ink Them?

It is hard to see the sense in permanently committing one’s flesh to be the billboard of long-ago whims.

How Republicans Could Regain Lost House Seats in 2020

Republicans still face an uphill battle in their effort to regain the House majority. But new data provide a silver lining behind the national cloud.

Eastern Catholics and the Universal Church

The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church offers the world Church a living example of the truth that the only Catholicism that can attract 21st-century men and women to friendship with the Lord Jesus Christ and incorporation into his body, the Church, is Catholicism-in-full.

Finish the Job

Pope Francis has given the bishops a great opportunity to confront the abuse crisis; they ought to make the most of it by pushing forward with as much determination as ever.

Mitt Romney Is Congressional Republicans’ Secret Weapon on Trade

Republicans in Congress are confused about how to respond to President Trump’s multi-front trade war. Mitt Romney can help them break out of their slumber.

D-Day, and a Summer of Anniversaries

Always at the heart of America as a moral experiment has been the question of how to make the nation’s power virtuous. On D-Day, June 6, 1944, the two—power and virtue—were neatly aligned.

Restoring, and Strengthening, Episcopal Credibility

Pope Francis’s recent motu proprio on sexual abuse not only universalizes strong legal and procedural norms for dealing with clerical sexual abuse; it also allows, and might even be seen to call for, creativity on the part of national bishops’ conferences to build on the foundation Francis has laid.