The New Unworking Class

Nicholas Eberstadt’s Men Without Work shows how the erosion of family roles contributes to men’s trend away from employment.


Is Faith the Missing Ingredient that Can Make Western Democracy Work?

No matter how well-designed the machinery, democracy will become brittle, and may ultimately crack and fail, if it is not sustained by a citizenry steeped in certain virtues: men and women committed to the dignity of the human person as the first principle of just governance and dedicated to the pursuit of the common good.


The Museums We Deserve

On the distinguishing qualities of two of Washington’s most prominent art venues.


The End of the News

The media, so alert to hypocrisy in every other way, are blind to their own hypocrisy — as well as that of the elite that they represent and that Donald Trump has remained remarkably, perhaps suicidally consistent in running against.


Hillary Is an Embodiment of the Left’s Disdain for Democracy

She offers more of the same — and that is the scariest thing of all.


Trump Threatens Clinton Over Lewinsky? Really?

Look at the man who threatens to pull the trigger on mentioning the Clinton scandals — a serial adulterer who is more removed from twinges of conscience than any figure in American political life.

Clown Prince of the Revolution

Slavoj Žižek is now making waves as a radical critic of the West, though one whose tongue is always in his cheek.


Golden Memories of a Golden Anniversary

Celebrating a long-awaited World Series title in Baltimore in 1966 was a moment of unalloyed joy—a prolepsis of the Kingdom.


Politics and the English Language: An Introduction

The care of words is something that should concern all of us, perhaps particularly those of the Christian faith.

The Culture of Death, on the March in Colorado

Euthanasia kills more than a human being facing life’s most challenging moment.