The House Health-Care Proposal

Meaningful success remains entirely plausible. But the intense emphasis on speed and pure momentum is likely to undermine that prospect rather than advance it now.

A New Lenten Discipline

It’s now been a year since I tuned in to a sports talk radio program and I am, I hope, a better man for it—albeit no less a sports nut.

O.J. and Us

The “trial of the century” was really a reflection of America’s sins.

If We Are Not Just Animals, What Are We?

There is something in the human condition that suggests the need for special treatment.

Complacent or Crazy?

Two new books try to think explicitly about how our attitudes toward change contribute to the mood of the moment.

There’s Plenty of Hope for Tax Reform

Elbows are flying, and the situation seems ‘ominous.’ It’s beginning to look a lot like 1986.

Trump’s Speech Was Nothing to Celebrate

Trump has set the bar so low that Republicans are celebrating his speech despite his clear departure from conservatism.

A Lent to Remember

The best Lent of my life involved getting up every day at 5:30 a.m. and hiking for miles through ankle-twisting, cobblestoned city streets to participate in the Lenten station church pilgrimage in Rome.

Appeasement Never Works

And it’s making matters worse in Cuba.

The Battle for the Soul of Conservatism

One of the concerns those of us who are conservative had about the right rallying around Donald Trump is that he would have a degrading effect on conservatism itself. It hasn’t taken much time for those concerns to be realized.