New York Times Smears Justice Scalia on Science

The New York Times‘s erroneous claims about Justice Scalia and science are a case study in its irredeemably irresponsible—indeed, flagrantly know-nothing—smugness.


Groovin’ on the Shock

The media’s dismay at the prospect of Donald Trump in the White House was understandable, but it certainly wasn’t as if that was all downside for them.


America’s Shakespeare

For Americans, Shakespeare has been a figure of particular reverence, yearning, and vexation. He has stood for the time-honored refinements of civilization that Americans, as late starters, have not yet had time to nourish into full flower. But he has also been the paragon whom stout-hearted democrats believe themselves destined to surpass.


Be Skeptical of the New Dossier on Trump’s Ties to Russia

Our post-truth, fake-news, biased press, hyper-partisan era is exactly the wrong context for getting to the bottom of a fantastically important story, one that is probably more complex than a blackmail scenario.


Interview with George Weigel: The Creative Catholic

An interview with the author of Witness to Hope: The Biography of Pope John Paul II, Evangelical Catholicism, and other books, about the art and craft of writing.


Lessons from an Era of Confusion

The North American College in Rome today is as solid a seminary as can be found in the world Church, and its transformation from the confusions of the two immediate post-conciliar decades is due to a re-centering on first principles.


The 115th Congress Should Get to Work Restraining the Powers of the Presidency

The legislative branch should seize the moment for a long-overdue realignment.


New Year’s Wishes for Some Catholic Brethren

The year ahead promises to be a challenging year for the Catholic Church.


A Ukrainian Christmas . . .

Celebrating the birth of a civil society capable of sustaining democracy.


Obama’s Attack on Israel

That Barack Obama would exit his presidency with one final betrayal of Israel is a shameful act by the most relentlessly anti-Israeli president in American history.