Raised by Wolves

What’s missing in Raised by Wolves, as in so much of modern science fiction, is precisely anything resembling or ennobling the human soul.

Yes, Democratic Senators Have Questioned Judicial Nominees About Their Faith

Amy Coney Barrett is not the only judge to have faced improper scrutiny from Democrats over her religious beliefs.

Who Are These Republicans?

You can tell a lot about the state of the party by the people who are joining it, the people who are leaving it, and the people it’s pushing out.

The Toxic Waste of Roe v. Wade

A Supreme Court that hollows out or even reverses Roe v. Wade will not settle the American abortion debate; it will return the issue to the states, where there will be mixed results for the cause of life.

Letter Calls for Withdrawal of ‘1619 Project’ Pulitzer

By striking the most famous claim of the 1619 Project and then covering up that act, the New York Times and Nikole Hannah-Jones have retroactively exposed their effort as a bad-faith project.

It Can’t Happen Here: A Review of Live Not By Lies

Rod Dreher’s new book seeks first to explain what’s reshaping American culture and why; and then to suggest the strategies needed today to live and witness Christian hope, despite the changing terrain.

Now Comes the Reckoning

The issue on which the president is most vulnerable, and that he has done everything in his power to obscure—the pandemic—is now, because of his own illness, front and center in the presidential campaign.

We Have a Tough Economic Recovery Ahead — No Matter Who Wins in November

The decline in the headline unemployment rate, from 8.4 percent to 7.9 percent, is superficially good news for President Trump. But a deeper dive reveals underlying, structural barriers to returning to pre-pandemic levels that will bedevil whoever wins.

Interview: George Weigel on The Future of the Church

EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel was interviewed recently by Medium‘s RJ Carr about his new book The Next Pope and the future of the Catholic Church.

People of Praise Deserves Ours

America has a lot to learn from Amy Coney Barrett’s ‘covenant community.’