For Trump Voters, There is No Left or Right

Donald Trump has won what might be the greatest “change election” in decades. Republican leaders are only now waking up to the fact that the change Trump’s voters want will end up changing the GOP, too.


The New Republican Coalition

For conservatives, in particular, ceasing to imagine that we own the Re­publican coalition, and therefore ceasing to expect it to simply follow our lead, would be a spur to sharpen, strengthen, and modernize our ideas so that they are more attractive and a better fit to contemporary problems.


Why President Trump Could be a Blessing for Congress

Trump’s presidency offers an opportunity for a bipartisan coalition to rein in executive power for the first time since Watergate, and for Congress to become the driving force for policy once more.


Trump Fills the Vacuum

He exemplifies and accelerates the decline of America’s institutions.


National Borders are the Only Sure Guardians of Democracy. The EU Ignores Them at its Peril.

It is only when people define their loyalty in territorial and national terms that differences of religion, class and ideology can be put aside and an elected government accepted by everyone, including the many who did not vote for it.


Gloucester Fisherman, American Veteran, Polish Benefactor

There’s more than a whiff of isolationism in the American air these days. The remarkable, wonderful story of Curtis Dagley and the Poles who remembered him with gratitude seventy years later is a poignant reminder that some still look to the United States as a pillar of stability and decency in a very nasty world.


Feminists’ Post-Election Panic Over Birth Control Is Shallow And Manipulative

What matters most to feminist progressives is the need to help women keep their ‘uteruses as vacant as Antonin Scalia’s Supreme Court seat.’


The Republican Party Is Being Refashioned

At the national level, the GOP is likely to become a populist and ethno-nationalist party, not a conservative one.


Behind Hillary’s Defeat: Her Pathetic Appeal to Undecided Voters

The reasons for Trump’s path to victory were hiding in plain view all along for anyone with the eyes to see.


A Trump Presidency Brings Opportunity but also Great Risk

Democrats are reeling and the Republicans have a chance to reshape the Supreme Court. But things could still go badly.