What Trump Doesn’t Get About Conservatism

Perhaps the principal reason for doubting Mr. Trump’s conservative credentials is that being a creation of social media, he has lost the sense that there is a civilization out there that stands above his deals and his tweets in a posture of disinterested judgment.

The Roberts Court

If Justice Kennedy is replaced by a reliable judicial conservative in the mold of Justice Gorsuch, then Chief Justice John Roberts would probably become the swing vote on the Court. And he would swing in response to a different set of priorities than Kennedy’s—a set of priorities that might in time become core concerns of America’s legal and constitutional culture as a result, at least for practical purposes.

Why I Write

Feminism was supposed to expand women’s choices, and in some ways it did, but by devaluing marriage, it has left many women — especially those with less education — struggling to handle all of the responsibilities of parenthood on their own. But it’s possible to reverse these trends.

Acts and Us

The book of Acts reminds us that salvation history and what we call “world history” don’t run on parallel tracks. Salvation history—the story of Israel and the story of the Church—is the inner dynamic or core of world history, whether world history recognizes that or not.

The NeverTrump Dilemma

NeverTrump Republicans must confront the fact that on issue after issue they are in the minority within their own party.

The Price of Feminism

To the degree that feminism gave women a boost of self-confidence, it can take a bow. But women also want and need the security of marriage and the profound fulfillment of motherhood.

Principles, Parties, and Polarization

To some political junkies, reading Sam Rosenfeld’s book The Polarizers will be an exercise in almost unbearable nostalgia for that world of political stability and comity and the kind of genuine debate that can only come with mutual respect between those of differing political points of view—as we can see now that both genuine debate and mutual respect appear to have vanished from our politics.

Ohio Tea Leaves

Forecasts for the upcoming midterm elections rely primarily on the generic congressional ballot poll, but an August special election for a House seat in Ohio might tell us more about the eventual outcome.

Did an Ancient Greek Anticipate Trump?

Heraclitus’ view of the world in constant flux found echoes in Hegel and now in the president.

Have We No Decency?

While anonymity clearly unleashes some of the darker sides of human nature (which is one of the reasons mobs are so dangerous), and while real life is somewhat more civilized than “pseudo life,” indecency is now quite open in our politics, our entertainment, and in daily life.