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Finn’s “Nine Libertarian Heresies” and Mueller’s First Lemma: Economists Complain Exactly Insofar as They Are Unable to Explain

Published in Journal of Markets and Morality on June 27, 2012

Mark Twain remarked that “Wagner’s music is better than it sounds.” Similarly, Daniel K. Finn’s “Nine Libertarian Heresies Tempting Neoconservative Catholics to Stray from Catholic Social Thought” is better than it reads–like a draft introduction to ‘The Catholic Economist’s Guide to How to Make Enemies and Fail to Influence People.’

The controversy Finn raises begins on page 487 in the Journal of Markets and Morality (PDF here), and EPPC Lehrman Institute Fellow in Economics John D. Mueller’s responses begin on pages 519 and 551.

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