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Disciples and Democracy

The religious right, currently the subject of intense press attention, is here scrutinized by both insiders and outside observers. Journalists Fred Barnes (The New Republic), Michael Barone (U.S. News & World Report), and E. J. Dionne (The Washington Post), activists Ralph Reed (Christian Coalition) and Michael Farris, and scholarly analysts John Green, Allen Hertzke, Michael Horowitz, Richard Land, and George Weigel examine the agenda of religious conservatives, their influence upon the 1992 election, and whether and how they can increase their political influence in the next four years. In a foreword, Irving Kristol calls religious conservatives “the very core of an emerging American conservatism.” The volume, published jointly by the Ethics and Public Policy Center and Eerdmans, includes brief comments by eighteen other informed observers as well.

disciplesanddemocracy“The rise of the religious conservatives is a hot topic, and this is an indispensable study and critique. A lively, solid, and serious piece of work.”

Michael Novak

American Enterprise Institute

“A highly thought-provoking and well-balanced introduction to a subject that is not just difficult but combustible.”

Charles Krauthammer

syndicated columnist

“This profound book goes to the heart of questions faced daily in newsrooms, on school boards, in Congress, and at the dinner table. It is a serious and significant exploration of the intersection of rights, responsibility, community, and tolerance, conducted in a fashion that illuminates the discussion and enlightens the reader.”

Thomas Byrne Edsall

The Washington Post

“This volume provides fresh exposition, examination, and debate of a topic weighed down by the worst kinds of misrepresentation. For those who follow the evolution of our contemporary culture war, Disciples and Democracy is essential reading.”

James Davison Hunter

University of Virginia

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