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Altered-Nuclear Transfer and Ooctye-Assisted Reprogramming (ANT-OAR) is a proposal for producing pluripotent stem cells without creating and destroying embryos. EPPC has been working with a group of thirty-five scientists, moral philosophers and theologians etc.

Backgrounder on Alternative Methods of Obtaining Human Pluripotent Stem Cells

Published in 2005, this article gives background information on four possible methods that have been proposed for obtaining “pluripotent” stem cells without destroying or endangering human embryos.

Production of Pluripotent Stem Cells by Oocyte Assisted Reprogramming

Published in 2005, this joint statement outlines a research program for a form of ANT (oocyte-assisted reprogramming) that should allow us to produce pluripotent stem cells without creating or destroying human embryos and without producing an entity that undergoes or mimics embryonic development.

Human Cloning and “Altered Nuclear Transfer”

Published in 2006, this joint statment makes clear that there is no conflict between research on ANT-OAR and the wording of the federal Human Cloning Prohibition Act, S. 658 (passed by the U.S. House of Representatives and introduced in the Senate by Senator Sam Brownback, R-Kansas). We support the effort to pass this law, and see it as entirely consistent with, and complementary to, responsible efforts to explore ANT-OAR.

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