The Quiet Hours of Leonid Brezhnev

Recent research in Soviet intelligence files raises some interesting questions about the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II on May 13, 1981.

Herman Wouk, Storyteller

Herman Wouk’s gift for storytelling was matched by his seriousness, and it would not be a mistake to think that he imagined writing as a vocation.

The World Doesn’t Hate Trump’s America as Much as People Think

President Trump has clearly disrupted traditional U.S. foreign policy — and not always in a good direction. But for all the complaining, the data presented at a recent conference in Copenhagen shows that the United States continues to be well regarded in many places around the globe.

How a Democrat Can Win Over a Never-Trumper

If President Trump gains a second term, conservatism may well be irredeemably tarnished. Still, much will depend upon whether the Democratic Party can resist its own drift toward Trumpiness.

If the Latest Polls Are Right, Trump Is Favored to Win Reelection

Because of the composition of his coalition, President Trump does not need to win the popular vote to win reelection.

The Bus Back to the Future

It seemed a little odd that Kamala Harris brought up the long-ago subject of busing during a 2019 Democratic debate. Presidential candidates usually wish to deal in new ideas. Busing is a period piece.

Is Joe Biden Vulnerable, or Are the Democrats?

Making busing an issue again is a strategic and a policy mistake by the Democrats.

The Deepening Crisis in Evangelical Christianity

Evangelical Christians should acknowledge the profound damage that’s being done to their movement by its braided political relationship with a president who is an ethical and moral wreck.

Four Take-Aways from Baltimore

Given the degree to which episcopal malfeasance is the hallmark of the abuse crisis in its current iteration, and given how much expectation there has been for bishops to “do something” about the crisis, it’s worth looking more closely at the steps that they took at their general assembly in Baltimore last month.

Icons on Ammo Boxes

Throughout the 20th century—the greatest period of martyrdom in history—persecuted Christians used the dross of this world to make religious artifacts. This deeply Catholic instinct for transforming what is dead or death-dealing into something life-affirming and life-giving continues today in Ukraine.