Kim Jong-un Pulls the Wool over President Trump’s Eyes

As a matter of substance, the Singapore summit achieved less than nothing. It was a profound defeat for U.S. world influence and for democratic decency, arguably the worst summit outcome since Yalta.

Happy Flag Day

In this moment in particular — a time when the question of the very nature of American patriotism and nationalism is much in the air — the flag can offer us one path through challenging terrain.

Kant vs. Cant: How Liberals Lost Their Way

We belong together, liberalism tells us, because we ourselves create the law that governs us, with the aim of freeing and protecting us all. But today’s liberals identify with oppositional causes, even if — especially if — it is our tradition of liberal government that is the target.

EXCERPT: George Weigel’s New Book The Fragility of Order: Catholic Reflections on Turbulent Times

In his latest book, one of America’s most prominent public intellectuals brings thirty-five years of experience in Washington and Rome to bear in analyzing the turbulence that characterizes world politics, American public life, and the Catholic Church in the early twenty-first century.

Unforced Errors Drag Down the Greatness Agenda

The polls in President Trump’s case are clear: some of the aggressive tactics that thrill his supporters alienate those whom he could persuade.

More Twisted Logic on Obamacare

Obamacare was a bad law that advanced bad policy and fit very poorly with the structure of our constitutional system. But a recent Department of Justice brief in a federal district-court case repeats and reinforces the very worst of the counter-constitutional cynicism that characterized the Obama administration’s approach.

After the Irish Debacle

Ireland’s May 25 referendum opened a path to legal abortion in the Emerald Isle by striking down a pro-life amendment to the Irish Constitution. With Ireland having joined the Gadarene rush into legalizing the dictatorship of relativism, what next?

INTERVIEW: God & I: George Weigel

EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel discusses his faith, his friendship with Pope John Paul II, and the state of the Church today.

Craving Approval Isn’t Evangelization

Toadying to the talking heads of postmodern intellectual confusion and to the tastemakers of decadent postmodern culture is not the way to be the Church of the New Evangelization, or the “Church permanently in mission” that Pope Francis calls us to be. It’s the way to become a laughingstock, en route to the boneyard of irrelevance.

Anecdotes and Stereotypes Shouldn’t Dictate Our Immigration Policy

Most ICE agents doubtless follow the law and shouldn’t be tarred by the bad acts of a few. The same can be said of immigrants.