Left Demands That Big Business Boycott States That Don’t Want Abortion

The managerial oligarchy, along with its enablers, advocates, and hangers-on, believes that it has the right to rule the rest of us — government by the wealthy and connected, for the wealthy and connected, and of the wealthy and connected.

Cardinal Pell at Eighty

The man [Cardinal George Pell] I have known and cherished since the summer of 1967 was not built for quiescence. His voice will be heard. And it will be heard where it counts.

Breaking: EEOC Chairwoman Unilaterally Issues Gender Guidelines

Today, Charlotte Burrows, chairwoman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), posted a guidance document purporting to apply Bostock v. Clayton County, which redefined Title VII’s prohibitions on discrimination “because of sex” to include sexual orientation and transgender status in certain contexts.

“He Knows What He Is About”: Living a Life That Matters

As you go through life, ask yourself whether what you’re doing will matter from the perspective of eternity. After all, the only success of ultimate importance is faithfulness. The only real tragedy in life is not to have loved and served God.

FDA’s New CDER Director Grants Approval of Yet Another Expensive, Scientifically Questionable Drug … More Will Follow.

Since the FDA operates without external oversight, it’s not possible to hold the agency accountable for bad approval decisions that ultimately place taxpayers on the hook for hundreds of billions of dollars via Medicare Part B program.

How Transgender Ideology Takes Children Hostage

Many who — rightly — want to be compassionate toward those diagnosed with gender dysphoria have been reluctant to challenge the demands of transgender activists. But genuine compassion depends on truth, and the truth is that the claims of transgenderism are fundamentally mystical, even magical, rather than medical.

Why Donald Trump May Lose Influence in the Republican Party

Common wisdom holds that former president Donald Trump remains the dominant force within the Republican Party. The truth is that his personal influence and standing are not as powerful as many imagine, and his power is as likely to decline as it is to increase.

New Poll Finds That Most Americans Want Abortion to Be Rare or Illegal

Gallup’s latest survey on abortion reveals a nation evenly split between pro-life and pro-choice.

Boom and Gloom

The mess the Boomers made will long be with us.

Thirty Years of Poland

Three decades of work and conversation in Poland have shaped me in ways I would not have thought possible thirty years ago. For that, I am deeply grateful to a nation that might yet become a model for twenty-first-century democracy, if it took the social doctrine of its greatest son seriously.