Common Cause’s Chicken Little

There is zero basis to infer that Neil Gorsuch would vote “to declare campaign contribution limits unconstitutional.”

Trump’s Francification of America

He has undoubtedly infused American politics with the French conservative style, to the detriment of the American conservative style.

Paul, Apollos, and Cephas, All Over Again

Christ is not divisible and neither is his truth. And authentic pastoral accompaniment must always be along “the way” of the One who is also “the truth and the life.”

Turow’s Reversible Errors—Part 2

Continuing with a critique of Scott Turow’s Vanity Fair attack on Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.

Turow’s Reversible Errors—Part 1

Lawyer-turned-novelist Scott Turow amply demonstrates that he’s more suited to fiction-writing than to legal analysis.

Another Kind of Resistance — from Parents

In the Chicago suburbs, parents fight back against radical propaganda in the guise of instruction.

Shameless Schumer

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer continues to propagate the silly notion that a 60-vote “standard” for Supreme Court nominees exists.

Senator Shaheen: No Filibuster of Gorsuch

On the Senate floor Tuesday evening, Democratic senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire strongly declared that neither she nor any of her fellow Democrats she’s “talked to” have any intention of filibustering the Gorsuch nomination.

This New Study Shows how Important it is for Kids to have Married Parents

A look at family trends from more than 60 countries bolsters the case that we should be protecting families through a social-legal institution that makes it harder to break up our children’s lives.

Meeting with Moscow, Rome Must Refuse to Bend to the Putin Storyline

In its dealings with the Russian Orthodox Church, the Vatican must resist new falsifications of historical or current reality and make clear that the integrity and vitality of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and other Eastern Catholic Churches in union with Rome are not matters for negotiation.