‘Secular’ Is a French Word for ‘Anti-Muslim’

The problems of Muslim integration are much broader than the obstacles thrown up by French secularism. But the secularist mantra stifles public debate and prevents progress on the other dimensions, whether socioeconomic or cultural.

Review: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

It’s best to think of Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri as a sort of cinematic parable about forgiveness — both of others and of ourselves.

Is Trump Guilty, or Does He Just Look Guilty?

The Mueller investigation has shown President Trump acting guilty in so many ways. But it’s possible that he isn’t as guilty as he seems.

Trump, Twitter, and the GOP’s Improving Poll Numbers

A thorough review of President Trump’s tweets during the period of his recent rise in approval shows a nearly complete absence of the vitriolic and personal attacks that frequently dominated 2017 news cycles.

Judge Who Removed Trans Teen From Parents Highlights What’s At Stake

The Ohio case is not a ‘slam dunk’ validation of adolescent transgender transition or of gender experts, but neither is it good news for parents: it foreshadows a troubling future in which teens will be allowed to decide (without parental consent) to pursue gender transitions.

Conscience and Grace: A Lenten Meditation

To suggest that the Church teaches “ideals” that are impossible to live undervalues the power of grace and empties the moral life of the drama built into it by God himself.

Big Business Once Cherished Workers. Now It Exploits Them.

Victorian capitalists usually belonged to the same country, the same town and the same faith as those who worked for them, and could not escape, as their successors can, the demands of neighborhood.

Jeff Bell was George Bailey

To those who knew him well, Jeffrey L. Bell was a real-life George Bailey: an accomplished and decent man who shaped important events by helping others achieve their own greatness, mostly without recognition himself.

Situation Normal…

To note the deep dysfunction of the Trump administration is to insist that we should be careful not to get used to the unacceptable, and that some problems run much deeper than policy.

Death with Real Dignity

For all the lessons Don Briel taught as a distinguished educator, none was so impressive as the lesson he taught through his example in the last few weeks of his life.