Elizabeth Warren Highlights the Dangers of Identity Politics

Her charade reveals the bankruptcy of the practice — well-intentioned at first — of granting benefits based upon race.

John Paul II, Youth Minister

What are some lessons the Synod on Youth might draw from John Paul II on this ruby anniversary of his election?

We’ve Grown Accustomed to Trump

Even progressives treat the president as a familiar monster. And he hasn’t destroyed the world yet.

Blue Wave, Red Tide, or Something in Between?

Midterm polling data suggest a mild blue wave in the House but little likelihood of a Democratic tsunami that could also win them the Senate.

The Trans-Industrial Complex

Gender ideology’s sweep through the culture is the culmination of strategies implemented years ago. The harm inflicted extends beyond the confused and suffering individuals ensnared by the “gender web” to the cultural and social institutions collapsing amidst anthropological deceit and moral chaos.

The More Things Change…

A defense of academic integrity that can’t distinguish between hearing from a virulent if entertaining troll and hearing from a distinguished if unorthodox social scientist—that argues the university must be equally an open platform for both—isn’t going to capture the essential purpose of academic integrity, or win the assent of the persuadable. That greater purpose of academic life is what is now at stake in our campus debates, and it is what is always at stake in serious campus debates.

What Jamal Khashoggi’s ‘Disappearance’ Means

Sometimes you have to deal with bad actors on the world stage. But you don’t have to delude yourself about who and what they are.

The Irrepressible Conflict

Reflections on the War Between the Stars—Kanye and Taylor, that is.

For Their Sake and for Ours…

Pope Francis has made it clear that he doesn’t want the abuse crisis to crowd out a discussion at the synod of the pastoral needs of young people. That’s understandable, but the topic of abuse is also unavoidable.

The Beauty of Belonging

Everyday aesthetic judgment is profoundly rooted in the sense of community, and also forms a part of the collective effort whereby communities are brought into being and maintained in equilibrium.