The Media Has Been Reporting Fake News about Castro and Cuba for Years

While the media melts down over “fake news,” Castro’s death generates more of it.


How Francois Fillon Scrambled the French Election

A recent primary result heralds the potential not only for a U.S.-style conservative moment in French politics, but for a decisive shifting of the so-called Overton Window, the implicit matrix in a society for what you can talk about and not talk about in public.


What’s the Point of Education?

Once we see that the primary purpose of education is to safeguard knowledge, all the fairy castles of the educationists tumble in ruins.


A (Liturgical) New Year’s Resolution

Pope Francis’s contributions to Catholic life are obvious enough that they needn’t be promoted by falsifying history, playing to the Church’s secular critics, or defaming brothers and sisters in Christ.


Vicious Teenagers Have Run Cuba for 57 Years

Castro’s revolution has always been deeply unserious — and devastating to ordinary Cubans.


On Being Thankful for Pets

They may be expensive and unpredictable, but pets provide families with something irreplaceable.


A Simple Gesture, a Grateful Heart: A Thanksgiving Lesson from Staff Sgt. Milosevic

Ideologues may work to shred our cultural memory and thin the roots of our gratitude, but ordinary Americans can replant the seeds of deep gratitude on a daily basis.


On Our Need for the Real Thomas More

In our unhappy modern situation, we need the real Thomas More: the Thomas More who bore witness and ultimately “grasped his death,” not to vindicate his sense of Self, but as the final and ultimate act of thanks for his having been grasped, and saved, by the truth itself, the Thrice-Holy God.


Can the Republican Party Keep Trump Democrats?

The voters Trump picked up do not fit neatly into any of the GOP’s pre-Trump factions.


Fear and Loathing in America

President-elect Trump should do what he can to calm the (largely unfounded) fear on the Left.