Playboy Comes to D.C.

The magazine’s table at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner represents a further decline of cultural standards.

Mr. Ryan Leaves Washington

Paul Ryan is what we often say we want from our elected officials: a man of public and personal virtue. We must, therefore, seek to explain why his departure is seen as a tacit admission of failure.

A New Health-Care Debate

A decentralizing and deregulatory approach to health policy offers a substantively and politically attractive path for Republicans. But whether it turns out to be more attractive than falling back into the role of pure critics of Democratic health reforms remains to be seen.

Roe v. Wade Derangement Syndrome

The defense of the indefensible often leads to a kind of derangement in otherwise rational people. That was the case with the defenders of slavery and legalized racial segregation; it has become the case with abortion.

Zip Ties and Media Lies

Our Rashomon politics is not an artifact of the Trump era but an inevitable outgrowth of an ever-increasing tendency to political moralizing, which itself arises out of identity politics as lately perfected by the left, with the willing cooperation of the media.

If You Stumble in the “Success Sequence,” a Strong Family Can Lift You Up

Wealth is not just economic, but familial—that is, someone can be rich in the strong bonds of family and community without necessarily being rich in money. For many in the immigrant subculture, the family is strong enough to withstand a misstep in the success sequence.

The Meaning of Ryan’s Departure

Paul Ryan’s fate over the past several years is as good an indication as any of how far our politics have fallen.

Badger State Blues

The outcome of Wisconsin’s recent Supreme Court race has reignited talk that November will see a Democratic landslide. The evidence from that race, while good news for Democrats, is more nuanced.

Patriarch Kirill and Mr. Putin

The Russian Church suffered terribly under Lenin, Stalin, and their heirs. Its martyrs, who number in the millions, are dishonored when the bishops of a putatively free Church play the role of chaplain to the omnipotent and infallible czar, rather than speaking truth to power.

Remember the Deficit?

A new Congressional Budget Office report nicely summarizes what should be obvious to all: the Republican Congress and president do not seem to care about deficits or debt, and are not only failing to take steps to address the government’s poor fiscal situation but are taking steps likely to worsen it some.