A Damaged Soul and a Disordered Personality

President Trump’s continuing attacks on John McCain reveal a worrisome state of mind.

The Holy See and Cardinal Pell

It is not unreasonable to suggest that the Australian justice system has thus far failed one of Australia’s most distinguished sons, who had put his trust in it. But justice can be done by the Holy See, whatever the ultimate outcome in Australia.

The Federal Budget Process Is a Disaster. It’s Time to Finally Dump It.

The key failure of our current federal budgetary system is that it does nothing to encourage the cooperation across parties and branches of government. Any reform needs to address this dramatic shortcoming.

Religion and Polarized Politics: An Interview with Melissa Rogers and Peter Wehner

Two former White House officials to discuss how religion has played a part in contributing to the country’s political climate, for better or for worse.

The Presumption of Constitutionality

The principle that the courts must apply a statute unless the statute clearly conflicts with the Constitution has deep roots and inheres in the very foundation of the power of judicial review.

Trump’s Campus Free-Speech Order and Our Cold Civil War

Having proven for decades that it will not — and cannot — protect our fundamental freedoms, the academy has left us no choice but to set things right with the blunt instrument of federal intervention.

The Green New Deal Is Unserious and Juvenile

If people are serious about addressing climate change, they will not demand that the entire U.S. economy be transformed in ten years.

Justin Trudeau’s Scandal Offers a Key Lesson for U.S. Democrats

The world leader many Americans wish they had, Canada’s Justin Trudeau, is in political trouble. And yet, even in the midst of scandal, Trudeau offers a valuable lesson for the political left in the United States.

Our Dreyfus Case

The unhinged loathing of French royalists and anti-Semites for Alfred Dreyfus is ominously similar to the unhinged loathing of secular progressives for Cardinal George Pell.

Trump Has Given North Korea a Valuable Bargaining Chip for Free

President Trump was right to walk away from a deal with the North Koreans last week. But he was wrong to walk away from annual military exercises with our South Korean allies.