Death with Real Dignity

For all the lessons Don Briel taught as a distinguished educator, none was so impressive as the lesson he taught through his example in the last few weeks of his life.

Don’t Name Mass Shooters

The sick desire for fame — even when purchased through atrocity — seems to be at work in many mass shootings. Would denying perpetrators the attention they seek diminish the attraction?

INTERVIEW: New Book Shares Author’s Adventure of Telling St. John Paul II’s Life Story ‘From the Inside’

EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel discusses his new book Lessons in Hope: My Unexpected Life with St. John Paul II.

Pope Francis Is Playacting Realpolitik

The Vatican’s diplomacy with China, and other authoritarian governments, is based on a century-old fantasy of its worldly power.

Pork Roll, Lent, and Catholic Identity

If our baptisms really set us apart for Christ, then we should live a different temporal rhythm than the rest of the world.

Time Runs Out

Henry Luce’s America met its demise decades ago. Now, with the sale of Time Inc., Luce’s once-mighty imperial fleet will be broken up and sold for scrap.

In Illinois, a Pro-Life Democrat and Not So Pro-Life Republican

Governor Bruce Rauner and congressman Dan Lipinski run for reelection. Each faces a tough primary opponent challenging his views on abortion.

The Anti-Porter Conspiracy

Even assuming that the former White House staff secretary’s public behavior has always been “impeccable,” to permit him to serve in a position of honor diminishes all of us. We demand some minimum level of decent (to say nothing of legal) behavior from those in positions of trust because that’s one way we uphold our standards.

American Journalism as an Institution

Journalism faces a crisis of public confidence, a crisis of integrity and trust. While complaints about the media naturally fall into the grooves of popular rejection of elite authority, they often have at least as much to do with skepticism about the integrity of the mainstream media as with its power.

The Do-Nothing Budget

A bipartisan agreement setting two-year caps on spending would strangle any real Republican agenda going forward.