The Two Popes: Baloney, Brilliantly Acted

The Netflix film The Two Popes is baloney on steroids. It’s brilliantly acted, sometimes amusing, and occasionally moving. But despite its claim to be “based on actual events,” the film does not reflect history.

Atheistic Humanism vs. the “Message from Jerusalem”

American culture is now dominated by people convinced that biblical religion must be expunged from the public square in the name of freedom, authenticity, and the Self.

Was the Soleimani Killing a Policy Success?

President Trump’s action rid the world of an effective terror master, and Soleimani’s death is likely to be at least a short-term setback for Iran’s imperial ambitions.

Just “Politics”

With the departure of seriousness and responsibility from the political culture, what Freud called “the narcissism of small differences” took over, and the rancorousness and hatred which are now the salient features of our political life have been increasing ever since.

The Martini Curve Revisited

In recent years, certain empirical facts have become unmistakable: The local Churches that have tried hardest to play catch-up with “history” and “the times” are collapsing.

The Message from Jerusalem

American society faces a deep crisis of meaning to which the city, and the idea, of Jerusalem has an answer. It is needed by Jews, and as much or more by Christians.

Trump’s Approval Rating Has Already Recovered From Its Impeachment Slump

President Trump’s job approval rating has regained all the ground lost after his telephone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky came to light and now stands close to a three-year high. This should worry Democrats.

Gertrude Himmelfarb, Rest in Peace

She was a paragon of intellectual accomplishment, personal grace, and solid integrity.

The Soleimani Assassination Could Have Dangerous Ripples Around the World

The assassination of Iranian Quds Force mastermind Qasem Soleimani is justifiably leading to fears of war with Iran. The Trump administration should be wary: That prospect could tempt other global adversaries to test our resolve elsewhere while the administration’s attention is focused on the Middle East.

McConnell’s Supreme Court Tactics: Politics 101

When the president and the Senate majority are from the same party, look for the swift confirmation of a Supreme Court nominee.