Antonin Scalia, Disciple of the Word

Those who had the privilege of knowing Justice Scalia know him as an exemplar of moral courage, a man who strove to put things right, who wouldn’t be lured away or cowed from doing his duty.

Fear-Mongering about Citizens United Undermines Faith in Elections

Hillary Clinton recklessly sows distrust in our democracy with her rhetoric about ‘dark money’ in politics.

The End of an Era, the Interment of an Event

Once, the Al Smith Dinner contributed to breaking down anti-Catholic prejudices. Now, its tribalism and its seeming indifference to grave moral issues are an impediment to the New Evangelization.

Rekindling Constitutional Ambition

It might be worth our while, in this challenging time, to think about the assumptions the Framers of the Constitution made regarding the proper attitudes of the people who work in the institutions they created. We might then get a sense of what potential reforms could help imbue policymakers and others with these attitudes.


Republicans Who Care about the Future of the Party Should Ask These Questions

With the future of the Republican party and the conservative cause in mind, here are some questions that may help organize our thinking in the months ahead.


The Ego-Driven Life

Narcissism — in this instance the inability to accept that he is likely to lose to a woman in the biggest contest in the world — was at the core of Mr. Trump’s answer about not being prepared to say he would abide by the outcome of the election.


Embodied Caregiving

Modern thought has largely neglected dependency, instead touting individual autonomy and rational self-interest. If we are to recover the human person’s proper relationship with others, we must turn to thinkers who give dependency its due.


Russian Orthodoxy’s Aggressive Obsessions

What does the Lord’s injunction to turn the other cheek in Matthew 5:39 require when it comes to ecumenical dialogue?


Checking and Balancing

It is pretty clear that our next president will be a disaster, and that’s cause for alarm however the election goes. But it should also be cause for focusing on restraining and countering the president, which means it is cause for electing a Republican majority in Congress.


Europe is Under Threat

A Europe unwilling or unable to give an account of why its idea of the human person and human community is superior to others on offer in the 21st-century world is unlikely to be able to defend itself against external threats, or to cope with those once-external threats that have become internal threats.