Forget ‘Minnesota Nice.’ Amy Klobuchar’s Rage Is Exactly What She Needs Right Now.

The Democratic primary electorate contains many more women than men, and many of those women are Democrats precisely because they believe that party fights for and represents the aspirations of ambitious, self-assured women.

Everlasting Youth

Renowned above all for his flights of lyric sublimity, Percy Bysshe Shelley could be as ravishingly melancholy as John Keats and as tenderly exultant as William Wordsworth. Yet his verse could be flagrantly unlovely in the service of his political hatreds, which were many and fierce.

Beyond Amazonia

The reform of the priesthood, including a deepening of the Church’s commitment to the value of celibacy as a radical witness to the Kingdom, begins, as does all authentic Catholic reform, with deeper conversion to Jesus Christ and the gospel.

Ignore the Signals. Bloomberg Isn’t a Sound Investment.

Message, not money, is what produces victory, and so far Michael Bloomberg’s has been lacking.

Don’t Nuke the Nuclear Family

The 1950s are not coming back. But the nuclear family, far from being discredited, has been vindicated by the decay that surrounds us now.

Don’t Bet Against Joe Biden Just Yet. He Has an Ace up His Sleeve.

Contrary to predictions, black voters have not abandoned Biden’s allegedly sinking ship.

Welcoming Pro-Life Democrats Is Not Enough

The Democratic Party is quibbling over rhetoric and ignoring the real debate.

Bully Wannabes

Bully chic has come into fashion in President Trump’s party.

The Pope Is Catholic After All

Pope Francis’s affirmation of church doctrine is encouraging for anxious parishioners.

Hold on to Your Hats. The Democratic Race Could Get Very Messy.

A brokered convention thrills pundits and political junkies who live for this sort of thing, but it probably repels most Americans. Watch the sparks fly in the summer and fall if the Democratic nominee is undemocratically selected.