Qwazy for QAnon

No fewer than 60 current or former congressional candidates have expressed interest in or support for the QAnon conspiracy theory.

Rediscovering the Reality of the Eucharist

Teaching the truth of the Eucharist is thus a task for this moment, turning plague time into a time of renewed faith in the wonder of what we are offered in holy communion.

Your Suburb or Your Roads: Biden Will Do in One or the Other

One way or another, Biden’s unprecedented plan to use state road funding to compel the elimination of single-family zoning is going to harm Americans profoundly.

Tom Cotton Introduces Campus Free-Speech Bill

Tom Cotton’s Campus Free Speech Restoration Act is at the leading edge of the fight to restore liberty and constitutional principle to our college campuses — and to our country.

Biden’s Shortlist Has Big Risks

Joe Biden’s pledge to name a female running mate proved riskier than he anticipated. When he makes his selection, he should play it safe.

Yes, We Have No Bernanos

Today’s lack of first-rank creative talents like Georges Bernanos, the French Catholic novelist and essayist who died in 1948, is a deficit for the Church.  It’s also a sign, in much of the “developed” world, of her seeming infertility.

Waiting for the McCarrick Report

The delay in the Vatican’s report on the case of Theodore McCarrick is an obstacle to reconciliation within the Church because it is a constant reminder of the institutional maintenance and clerical impunity that have been hallmarks of the Church’s mishandling of abuse cases for decades.


Catholic secondary education in the U.S. remains to be thoroughly reformed so that Catholic high schools prepare future leaders of the New Evangelization: leaders who will bring others to Christ, heal a deeply wounded culture, and become agents of a sane politics.

Tuesday’s Elections Were Good News for Progressives — and Establishment Republicans

Tuesday’s five-state primary elections told us a lot about the state of the American electorate. The results hold good news for progressives and establishment Republicans alike.

D.C. Police Arrest Pro-Life Activists for Writing on Public Sidewalk

Someone must be held accountable for the apparent mistreatment two pro-life demonstrators faced — especially after city officials spent months allowing rioters to get away with defacing and destroying private property throughout D.C. in the name of social justice.