Learning to Argue

From college students’ inability or unwillingness to tolerate disagreement to the increased partisanship of political elites, American society appears to have forgotten that a bedrock practice of liberal democracy is the hurly-burly back and forth of the intellectual arena. Some K-12 schools are taking notice and responding by recommitting to teaching the intellectual and moral habits that allow students to enter contentious debate and to disagree agreeably with their peers in high school and afterward.

The Collusion Scenario

It has become an article of faith in some quarters on the right — well, most — that the Mueller investigation has found no evidence of collusion with Russia and has accordingly shifted gears to process crimes like lying to the FBI or obstruction of justice. But this requires a lot of wishful thinking.

Did Chivalry Go Down With the Titanic?

Social evolutions of the past century have dashed apart old sex roles and notions of self-sacrifice.

Waiting for Gounod

The French composer Charles Gounod will have a lasting if limited place in the opera house because the lightning struck him once or maybe twice, and feeling of high voltage surged into melody of genius.

Lubitsch in Our Day

Recent reappraisals err by judging director Ernst Lubitsch by the standards of the wrong era.

A Toast to the Standard

The closing of the Weekly Standard is tragic not so much for the loss of a venue for conservative political opinion writing, or the loss of an outlet for clear-eyed political journalism. The Standard was both of those things, and its demise would have been bad news even if they were all it did. But it is tragic news because the magazine did so much more.

Brexit Would Be Hard for Britain. Staying in the E.U. Would Be Worse.

Whatever challenges Brexit poses for the United Kingdom, they pale in comparison to those that will confront it if it remains in the European Union given the continent’s own problems.

The Fury of the Modernists

From its beginnings in the Bauhaus, architectural modernism has been less an aesthetic experiment than a moral crusade.

Chronic Condition

We are likely at a moment of sustained stalemate on health care rather than on the brink of another progressive breakthrough.

Help Wanted?

As befits his general pattern, President Trump is going about replacing his chief of staff in an absurd, shambolic fashion.