When basic respect disappears

Published March 14, 2023

WORLD Opinions

Last week, Stanford Law School managed to secure an unenviable position in the rapidly growing cancel culture Hall of Shame when the school’s conservative Federalist Society chapter had the temerity to invite Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Kyle Duncan to speak on campus.

For daring to expose the school community to the dangerous opinions of a sitting federal judge, the Federalist Society members were subjected to harassment and abuse, but that was nothing compared to the response that awaited Judge Duncan himself. Angry protesters shouted obscenities at him so relentlessly that he soon abandoned any attempt to deliver his prepared lecture on recent issues in constitutional law. Worse still, the school’s DEI Dean, Trisha Steinbach, tasked with restoring order, instead sought to affirm and comfort the already coddled students in the “pain” and “harm” they felt from Judge Duncan’s presence.

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Brad Littlejohn, Ph.D., is a Fellow in EPPC’s Evangelicals in Civic Life Program, where his work focuses on helping public leaders understand the intellectual and historical foundations of our current breakdown of public trust, social cohesion, and sound governance. His research investigates shifting understandings of the nature of freedom and authority, and how a more full-orbed conception of freedom, rooted in the Christian tradition, can inform policy that respects both the dignity of the individual and the urgency of the common good. He also serves as President of the Davenant Institute.

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