What It’s Like to Be a Victim of Private Planes

Published June 6, 2022

Wall Street Journal

Over the weekend, the pilot of a small plane accidentally entered the airspace above President Biden’s beach house on the coast of Delaware. The Secret Service moved the president to another location until it determined that the plane was harmless.

If I were president, the Secret Service would have to go through that routine 10 or 15 times a day. Every day little planes fly over my house in Columbia County, N.Y., from an airport in Great Barrington, Mass. They’d been driving the people over there crazy, so the airport directed the pilots our way. They come overhead flying low, circling the house and buzzing us if they see us in the yard.

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Lance Morrow is the Henry Grunwald Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center. His work focuses on the moral and ethical dimensions of public events, including developments in regard to freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and political correctness on American campuses, with a view to the future consequences of such suppressions.

Image: Chris Leipelt, UnSplash

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