President Obama and the Media

Published May 30, 2013

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They’ll Always Love Obama

The various scandals engulfing the Obama administration “have the potential to deal a devastating blow” to “progressive ideology,” writes EPPC Senior Fellow Peter Wehner in the Weekly Standard, “which is why journalists will downplay these stories as much as they can.” Read more>>

Conservative Media Predicted Obama’s First-Amendment Scandals

“The Obama administration’s free-speech scandals of today were repeatedly and accurately predicted by conservative pundits during the 2008 election,” observes EPPC Senior Fellow Stanley Kurtz. Read more>>

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U.S. Catholics: Overly Assimilated?

The real question of American Catholic history “isn’t about assimilation,” argues EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel, but about “who best understands the nature of the American experiment in ordered liberty.” Read more>>

The Boy Scouts Admit Gay Kids: Does It Matter?

“It will be tough, if not impossible, for the Church to include gay Boy Scouts without confronting, head-on, the deep divide between Catholic sexual morality and the secular creed of sexual ‘tolerance,’” observes EPPC Fellow Mary Rice Hasson. Read more>>

The Last Laugh of Alfredo Ottaviani

EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel warns that the mistaken notion that “error has no rights” in the civil order is “now being hard-pressed by aggressive secularist forces” against the Catholic Church in the United States. Read more>>

It’s Not ‘Universal Coverage’

“There’s little prospect that Obamacare will actually deliver on ‘universal coverage,’” explains EPPC Senior Fellow James C. Capretta. It will likely become “a very expensive new health-entitlement program” with the “same problems with quality that plague Medicaid.” Read more>>


2013 National Religious Freedom Conference

On May 30, leaders of diverse faiths will join forces with bipartisan legislators from across the country to defend religious freedom for all at the 2013 National Religious Freedom Conference, sponsored by EPPC’s American Religious Freedom Program.

The Decline of Institutional Religion and Implications for American Civil Life

At EPPC’s most recent Faith Angle Forum on Religion, Politics and Public Life, Dr. Luis Lugo discussed with leading journalists the loosening of ties between the American public and their religious institutions and some of the root causes of this phenomenon.

Listen to audio>> | Read the transcript>>


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