Hold Federal Health Officials Accountable for Misleading Us

Published April 5, 2022

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Serious cardiovascular, thrombotic, and neurologic adverse events related to COVID-19 vaccines have occurred around the world.

The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) shows serious risks from the vaccines, although the FDA collects only an estimated 10 percent of all negative reactions.

Federal agencies and vaccine manufacturers haven’t officially warned the American public about these risks, despite having this information for almost a whole year. Why? Because it would counter the narrative that taking endless vaccines and boosters is your patriotic duty.

Unanswered Questions

It’s clear there are both safety and efficacy problems with vaccines and boosters.

The FDA’s 18,000 employees have access to the same drug safety data as the public, but there is no updated COVID-19 labeling reflecting the latest safety and efficacy findings in VAERS; no FDA “Dear Doctor” letters giving updated safety guidance; and no “Dear Pharmacist” letters to druggists administering thousands of boosters to kids and other young healthy people every day.

Why isn’t the FDA recommending follow-up symptom-tracking to avoid further inflammatory disease tragedies? Instead, the FDA has proposed to extend the dosing interval, hoping it will mitigate risk, when there is no concrete clinical evidence it will do anything. The FDA is also ignoring internal drug safety epidemiologists who have stated in official presentations a single, well-documented adverse event justifies a safety signal investigation and public warning.

Why isn’t the FDA demanding studies addressing genotoxicityteratogenicity, oncogenicity, the potential for reduced fertility in men and women, the clinical effects of spike proteins in donated blood, and the bioaccumulation of vaccine in women’s ovaries? Why isn’t the agency convening a dedicated Data Safety Monitoring Board to surveil all the post-market effects of vaccines?

Are Americans expected to believe the $6.5 billion-per-year, taxpayer-funded FDA lacks adequate funding to address these public health issues?

Professionals Risk Licenses

A physician, pharmacist, nurse, or anyone else with a clinical professional license working at a federal health agency must have a “current, active, full, and unrestricted license or registration from any state in the U.S.”

Not fully warning patients about the potential dangers before administering useless and potentially dangerous vaccines and boosters places these professionals’ licenses at risk, regardless of what the CDC, FDA, or White House says.

Physicians, pharmacists, and nurses have always been held to a higher standard. They are expected to think for themselves rather than simply take orders. As the truth about vaccine efficacy and safety becomes clear, federal employees and mRNA vaccine manufacturers who colluded to withhold information from the public will be held accountable.

Holding Federal Employees Accountable

After a rash of “early retirements” of federal public health employees (with full benefits, of course), expect the other shoe to drop and starker evidence of clear malfeasance to come to light.

When that happens, the licensed practitioners and scientists responsible for withholding vital health information from the public should be thoroughly investigated by their academic boards and licensing authorities.

In addition, in remaining quiet federal employees appear to violate very specific obligations in the Federal Public Health Vision, Mission and Values; in particular, the sections labeled public health, accountability, and communication.

Their silence also contradicts the FDA motto, which is to assure: “All food is safe; all medical products are safe and effective and the public health is advanced and protected.” And the CDC motto, which pledges to: “Base all public health decisions on the highest quality scientific data that is derived openly and objectively.”

Still Pushing Vaccines

In fact, FDA and CDC officials are still pushing potentially unsafe and seemingly ineffective COVID-19 vaccines by purposely hiding facts from the public.

The original strain of COVID-19 has been replaced by mutations. Continuing to promote the original vaccine for the mutated strain of COVD-19 is akin to offering last season’s vaccine for this year’s flu. The original Wuhan, China version of COVID-19 doesn’t exist today.

That hasn’t stopped federal health agencies: The FDA website shows images of kids and young adults with bandages from their latest vaccination and/or boosters, despite CDC data indicating there is no benefit for younger age groups. The same nonsense can be seen on the CDC’s vaccines.gov website.

New Leaders Needed

No scientific accountability will ever take place under existing government leadership.

It will likely take a combination of courageous whistleblowers, a strong president who actually believes in “following the science,” and an assertive new Congress to call the necessary hearings and issue the necessary subpoenas to uncover the many CDC and FDA civil and executive service malefactors who, along with Anthony Fauci, have taken the American people for fools.

If Republicans gain control again, will anyone other than Sen. Ron Johnson do anything to hold CDC and FDA officials accountable? Or will they just, again “reach across the aisle,” try to “find a middle ground,” and play the “go along to get along” game?

David Gortler, Pharm.D. FCCP is a Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center whose work focuses on FDA oversight and accountability. Dr. Gortler is a pharmacologist and pharmacist and a Yale-trained bench research scientist in molecular biology with a subspecialty in the field of vascular medicine.  He was a professor of pharmacology and biotechnology at the Yale University School of Medicine, where he also served at Yale’s Center for Bioethics, and was an FDA Medical Officer who was later appointed by the White House to serve on the FDA’s Senior Executive Leadership Team as senior advisor to the FDA Commissioner.

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