Here’s How to Defeat Obamacare

Published September 19, 2013

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The Play Should Be Delay

As Congress battles over fiscal issues in the months ahead, can conservatives agree on an effective approach to fight Obamacare? In the Weekly Standard, EPPC Senior Fellow James C. Capretta (with co-author Jeffrey H. Anderson) makes the case that the most strategically sound goal for Republicans on Capitol Hill, “for substantive and political reasons,” is to “delay as much of Obamacare as possible.”

Syria, Just War, and American Power

Contemplating U.S. military intervention in Syria, EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel explains that the just-war tradition of moral reasoning requires a “measure of clarity about the morally and politically appropriate end being sought” as “the absolute prerequisite to considering appropriate means intelligently.”

EPPC Fellow Stephen P. White highlights the fundamental moral question: whether the obligation to use military force to defend the common good is sufficiently weighty to “justify the secondary effect of using force, which is the death of other human beings.”

And in a widely discussed Commentary essay setting forth why he opposes a military strike on Syria, EPPC Senior Fellow Peter Wehner concludes that the “restoration of American credibility will probably have to await a new American president.”

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Weigel at National Book Festival

EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel will discuss his book Evangelical Catholicism at the 2013 National Book Festival in Washington, D.C. Mr. Weigel’s presentation is scheduled to take place on Sunday, September 22, from 5:30 p.m. to 6:15 p.m. at the festival’s “Contemporary Life” pavilion, and will be preceded by a book signing at 4 p.m.


The Sunken Treasures of the Arabia

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, EPPC Senior Fellow Bruce Cole celebrates the “can-do entrepreneurial spirit” of the Hawley family, who discovered and excavated the well-preserved wreck of the antebellum-era steamboat Arabia in 1987 and who, “without any state or federal support,” built a remarkable museum to display the ship’s contents.

Theory of Evolution

In an essay for the Claremont Review of Books, EPPC Senior Fellow Stanley Kurtz explores the “long-running argument over democratization abroad,” which ”pits our faith in the universal moral force of democratic ideals against careful calculations of our immediate national interest.”

Food (Stamps) For Thought

EPPC Senior Fellow Henry Olsen questions the political wisdom of the “conservative war on food stamps,” and argues that conservative outrage would be more wisely directed at the “obscene” waste of tax dollars in the federal crop-insurance program.

Where the 20th Century Happened

The city of Cracow and its environs witnessed some of the most significant events of the 20th century, observes EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel, and “in this same city, the divine answer to the unprecedented human wickedness of the 20th century was given.”

Once More Unto the Breach

EPPC Fellow (and Notre Dame law professor) Carter Snead explains, in an analysis for a SCOTUSblog symposium, why the Supreme Court should rule that an Oklahoma law that prohibits the non-FDA-approved use of abortion-inducing drugs is valid.

When the Stars Vanish

EPPC Senior Fellow Peter Wehner meditates on comments by journalist Peter Hitchens about the particular spiritual dangers of modernity: “How do we die to self while living in a culture that so relentlessly celebrates the imperial self?”

Bringing Mind to Matter

In his latest book, philosopher Thomas Nagel argues that the existence of life, mind, and objective value raises serious problems for mainstream science. Reviewing the book in EPPC’s New Atlantis journal, British philosopher Raymond Tallis discusses the limits of scientific materialism.

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