Dr. Arthur Brooks and John Carr at the November 2015 Faith Angle Forum

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A Final Chance for SCOTUS to Deliver Justice for Barronelle Stutzman

Ryan T. Anderson

In our pluralistic society, the answer to our disagreements cannot be to strip grandmothers of their life’s savings because they refuse to, in effect, say things, or use their personal gifts to assist others in saying things, that are contrary to their beliefs.


National Review Online / July 31, 2021

Our Rainbow Religion, Which Lets Us Become as Gods

Noelle Mering

rosary overcome by rainbow

Making ourselves gods might feel like magic at first, but it ends in despair. We simply are not made to be gods, and to attempt that requires too much denial of reality, too many mutilated bodies, and too many competing wills.


The Stream / July 8, 2021

“He Knows What He Is About”: Living a Life That Matters

Ryan T. Anderson

As you go through life, ask yourself whether what you’re doing will matter from the perspective of eternity. After all, the only success of ultimate importance is faithfulness. The only real tragedy in life is not to have loved and served God.


Public Discourse / June 14, 2021

America is Becoming Less Religious. That Won’t Demolish Conservatism.

Henry Olsen

Gallup released polling data this week showing that, for the first time, a majority of Americans do not belong to a religious institution such as a church or synagogue. That change, which mirrors the dramatic rise in the number of adults having no religious preference, will likely change, but not demolish, American conservatism.


The Washington Post / April 2, 2021