DeSantis versus the drag queens

Published February 21, 2023

WORLD Opinions

Earlier this month, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis made national headlines again for another salvo in his ongoing war against the worst excesses of progressive anti-culture. This latest controversy concerned an Orlando concert venue, the Orlando Philharmonic Plaza, which was threatened with losing its liquor license because of its decision to admit minors to a performance of “A Drag Queen Christmas” in late December.

The show in question involved much more than mere cross-dressing, featuring songs with grotesquely explicit lyrics, accompanied with sexual images projected on screen and barely clad drag-wearing stage performers simulating sex acts. Nor had the venue been unwarned. Indeed, when the show was first advertised, Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation had sent a strongly-worded letter warning to the Orlando Philharmonic advising that its license would be in jeopardy if it did not limit attendance to over-18s. Instead, the venue simply advised parental discretion, and many parents opted to bring children as young as six to the event. Draw your own conclusions about those parents.

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