Against Our Proletarianization

Published December 12, 2022

The American Conservative

Plutocratic Socialism: The Future of Private Property and the Fate of the Middle Class, Mark T. Mitchell, Front Porch Republic Books, 180 pages.

For most of our lifetimes, the foes of Big Government and Big Business duked it out within an ideological dream-word while the decay of American society carried on apace. Occasionally, the more insightful would complain that Big Business was aiding and abetting Big Government or vice versa, but few observed that something more sinister was going on that regulatory capture: both parties had conspired, wittingly or unwittingly, in the proletarianization of American life. 

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Brad Littlejohn, Ph.D., is a Fellow in EPPC’s Evangelicals in Civic Life Program, where his work focuses on helping public leaders understand the intellectual and historical foundations of our current breakdown of public trust, social cohesion, and sound governance. His research investigates shifting understandings of the nature of freedom and authority, and how a more full-orbed conception of freedom, rooted in the Christian tradition, can inform policy that respects both the dignity of the individual and the urgency of the common good. He also serves as President of the Davenant Institute.

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