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Health and Entitlement Reform

EPPC’s Program on Health and Entitlement Reform, led by EPPC Senior Fellow James C. Capretta, addresses the most significant threat to the long-term prosperity of the United States: the exploding costs of the nation’s entitlement programs, led by spending on health care. Lasting and sustained reform requires bringing the discipline of a functioning marketplace to health care, as well as introducing gradual changes in the entitlement rules to encourage longer working lives and additional private savings among those who have the capacity to do more for themselves. Through publications, media appearances, and other public engagements, the program is informing the national debate on the dangers of the present course on health care and entitlements and pointing the way to a far better alternative.

Highlights of recent program activity:

2013 Year in Review>>

2012 Year in Review>>

2011 Year in Review>>

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