Bioethics and American Democracy

EPPC’s program on Bioethics and American Democracy works to clarify our responsibilities to the future by encouraging much needed moral and political deliberation on emerging biotechnologies—from cloning to stem-cell research to reproductive technologies to human enhancement and beyond.

Catholic Studies

As an integral part of the Ethics and Public Policy Center for more than twenty-five years, the Catholic Studies program explores the many connections between Catholicism and public life and seeks to clarify and deepen knowledge of modern Catholic social thought.

Catholic Women’s Forum

The Catholic Women’s Forum is a new, distinctively feminine, public voice in support of the Church’s teachings — a voice made up of leading female Catholic scholars, professionals, and other experts.

The Constitution, the Courts, and the Culture

The proper role of the courts in construing the Constitution is one of the most hotly contested issues in American society. EPPC’s program on The Constitution, the Courts, and the Culture, under the direction of EPPC President Edward Whelan, explores these competing conceptions and promotes principles of constitutional originalism and judicial restraint.

Economics and Ethics

EPPC’s Economics and Ethics Program, under the direction of EPPC Fellow John D. Mueller, traces the relation of modern economic theory to its Judeo-Christian and Greco-Roman origins, formulates its practical application to personal, family, and political economy, and explores the interaction of economics, philosophical worldviews, and religious faith.

Evangelicals in Civic Life

EPPC’s Evangelicals in Civic Life program, under the direction of EPPC Vice President Michael Cromartie, researches the role the evangelical community plays in American politics and public life.

Faith Angle Forum

EPPC’s Faith Angle Forum, directed by EPPC Vice President Michael Cromartie, aims to strengthen reporting and commentary on how religious believers, religious convictions, and religiously grounded moral arguments affect American politics and public life.

History and Civics Education Initiative

EPPC’s History and Civics Education Initiative, directed by EPPC Senior Fellow Bruce Cole, addresses the problem of history and civic illiteracy among K-12 students.

Immigration and American Ideals

EPPC’s Immigration Program reconnects the debate on immigration to broader questions of American principles and identity.