Henry Olsen: 10 Years at EPPC

On Thursday, August 10th, Henry Olsen celebrated ten years as a scholar at the Ethics and Public Policy Center. Henry was welcomed to EPPC as a senior fellow in 2013 by former EPPC President Ed Whelan.  

Some highlights of Henry’s work and accomplishments during his time at EPPC: 


Ed Whelan welcomes Henry Olsen to the Ethics and Public Policy Center as a Senior Fellow: 

We are delighted that Henry Olsen is joining EPPC. Henry is an experienced leader in the conservative policy world, and a wonderfully insightful and creative thinker and writer. We look forward to his many contributions in the years ahead.

Ed Whelan, 2013

Henry serves as a consultant for the UK, Chinese, German, French, Scandinavian, Canadian, and other European embassies 


Forget the Alamo,” an article for National Review, takes issue with Ted Cruz’s contention that a group of hard-core conservatives could be roused to vote by shifting the party to the right.

Henry published his essay “Four Faces of the GOP,” which later became his first book.

Henry’s remarks to the Bradley Foundation discuss the rise of blue-collar populism as a global phenomenon and accurately forecast the trend’s future relevance.


Henry appears regularly on radio and television programs to discuss the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election. 

Henry appears on CSPAN to discuss the GOP primary and his new book on the Republican electorate. 


Henry appeared on CNN to discuss the 2016 GOP primary and Republican candidates’ attempts to reach “disillusioned” voters. 

Henry appeared on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal to discuss Donald Trump, the state of the Republican Party, and the likely impact of recent Supreme Court cases on the 2016 election and beyond. 

Henry took part in the American Enterprise Institute’s “Election Watch” panel to analyze the results and possible consequences of the 2016 election. 

Henry accurately identified the factors fueling the rise of Donald Trump early in the race, and his election-eve predictions were among the most accurate of any major analyst or commentator. 


Henry appeared on the Laura Ingraham Show to discuss President Trump and the future of the GOP. 


Henry appeared on NBCNews.com’s streaming program “218” with host Steve Kornacki to preview key House races in the midterms.  

Henry’s midterm election predictions are once again praised for their accuracy.  

Henry appeared on NPR’s Morning Edition to discuss how President Trump might broaden his appeal to Mexican immigrants and other Latinos. 

Henry appeared on KCRW radio’s Left, Right & Center to discuss the departure of Secretary of Defense James Mattis. 


Henry becomes a daily opinion columnist with the Washington Post

Henry provided opening remarks for an EPPC event about the conservative movement’s approach to family policy: Is Paid Family Leave Compatible with Conservative Principles?


Henry once again joined AEI’s Election Watch team for their final event of the 2020 election season. 


Henry accurately predicted the rise of inflation and the overturning of Roe as a viable path forward for pro-lifers.  

His assessment of the Virginia Governor’s race anticipated Glenn Youngkin’s victory.  


Henry joined other Washington Post Opinion columnists for an online Q&A on inflation and its consequences. 


Henry joined Kevin Roberts, president of the Heritage Foundation, to discuss the internal divisions weighing on the Republican party and how these will shape the 118th Congress:

Henry teaches courses at Arizona State University as the Thomas W. Smith Distinguished Scholar in Residence for the winter/spring 2023 semester.

Congratulations to Henry Olsen for ten wonderful years!  

Learn more about Henry and his work on his EPPC Scholar Page and read his opinion columns for the Washington Post on their website.  

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