Roger Scruton Joins EPPC

January 9, 2013

We are pleased to announce that the English philosopher Roger Scruton has joined EPPC as a Senior Fellow. The author of three dozen books, Mr. Scruton will focus his work at EPPC on such subjects as the need for a new urbanism that emphasizes beauty and the cultural implications of neuroscience.

“Roger Scruton is a brilliant philosopher and writer on a wide range of subjects connected to EPPC’s mission–from religion to politics to art,” said EPPC President Ed Whelan. “On both sides of the Atlantic, he is respected as a prominent conservative thinker. The scope of Roger’s scholarship is astonishing, and we look forward to working with him.”

“I am delighted to join the Ethics and Public Policy Center,” said Mr. Scruton. “EPPC scholars think deeply and clearly about how questions of culture and philosophy ought to inform public policy, and they have earned considerable influence both in Washington politics and in the world of ideas.”

Mr. Scruton’s latest book, Our Church: A Personal History of the Church of England, will be published in the United States in February.

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