EPPC Briefly: The Church of the Left

Yuval Levin on liberalism as state religion; Peter Wehner on why evangelicals should love Pope Francis; Roger Scruton on the good of corporations; and much more.

EPPC Briefly: Roger Scruton on the End of the University

George Weigel on St. John Paul II and the “Tyranny of the Possible”; Wilfred M. McClay on a Richard John Neuhaus biography; Stanley Kurtz on the AP U.S. History battle; Mona Charen on the dangers of dealing with Iran; and much more.

EPPC Welcomes New Fellow Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry

EPPC welcomes as its newest fellow Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, a widely read commentator on religion, culture, politics, economics, business and technology.

EPPC Amicus Brief Takes Aim at Anti-Scott Walker Shenanigans in Wisconsin

The Ethics and Public Policy Center has filed an amicus brief (PDF) in a Wisconsin Supreme Court case involving a secretive investigation targeting Wisconsin governor Scott Walker and his allies.

EPPC Briefly: Conservatism and the Past, Present, and Future of the GOP

Henry Olsen on conservatism and the GOP; George Weigel on Pope Francis’s first two years; Mona Charen on Obama and Iran; Yuval Levin on reforming the “scorekeepers”; and much more.

EPPC Senior Fellow Peter Wehner Named New York Times Contributing Opinion Writer

The New York Times has announced that EPPC Senior Fellow Peter Wehner will contribute periodically to the paper’s Op-Ed and Sunday Review pages. Mr. Wehner will be joined by 19 other new contributors “from a range of backgrounds, viewpoints and interests,” according to the Times‘s memo detailing the news. Click here for Politico’s article about the announcement.

EPPC Briefly: Yuval Levin on the Economic Mobility Crisis

How Republicans can reach middle-class and working-class voters; George Weigel on Lent and the mystery of suffering; Stanley Kurtz on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal; Mona Charen on questions the media should ask Democrats; and much more.

EPPC Briefly: Mary Eberstadt On Why Today’s Feminists Are So Angry

Mary Eberstadt on today’s angry feminists; George Weigel on the Lenten journey; Peter Wehner on God-given rights; What makes for a happy marriage; and much more.

EPPC Briefly: The Deal Obama Should Have Made With Cuba

Jeb’s prospects, the new Obama budget, the latest from the Faith Angle Forum, and more.

EPPC Briefly: George Weigel on Charlie Hebdo, Jihadism, and the Future of Europe

The anniversary of Roe v. Wade, why judicial restraint is right, the battle for U.S. history, and more.