EPPC Briefly: The Party of Reagan Is No More

Peter Wehner and George Weigel on Donald Trump; Stanley Kurtz on Ted Cruz; John Mueller on an American catechism; Jim Capretta on a notorious Obamacare provision; audio from the most recent Faith Angle Forum; and much more.

EPPC Briefly: The Anti-Trump Republicans

Yuval Levin, Peter Wehner, Mona Charen and others on the rise of Donald Trump — and the efforts to stop him; Ed Whelan and George Weigel on Justice Antonin Scalia; and much more.

EPPC Briefly: Remembering Justice Scalia

EPPC scholars reflect on the legacy of a “supremely great justice”; George Weigel’s on a Lenten journey; Jim Capretta on President Obama’s budgetary deceptions; and much more.

EPPC Briefly: Is Pope Francis Anti-Modern?

The latest issue of EPPC’s journal The New Atlantis includes a collection of essays examining the moral, political, and economic implications of Laudato Si’, Pope Francis’s 2015 encyclical on the environment and the poor.

U.S. Senator Ben Sasse Reads Peter Wehner’s Comments Into Congressional Record

U.S. Senator Ben Sasse reads selections from EPPC Senior Fellow Peter Wehner’s Commentary piece “Certitude and Seeking the Truth” into the Congressional Record.

EPPC Briefly: Conservatives, Trump, and the 2016 Race

Henry Olsen, Yuval Levin, and Peter Wehner on the GOP primary; EPPC supports Little Sisters of the Poor at the Supreme Court; Mona Charen on 13 Hours; George Weigel on liturgical innovation; and much more.

EPPC Supports Little Sisters of the Poor in Supreme Court

In an amicus brief filed today, the Ethics and Public Policy Center argues that the Supreme Court should deliver a victory to the Little Sisters of the Poor and the other religious nonprofits who are challenging the legality of the Obama administration’s so-called “accommodation” on its HHS contraceptive mandate.

EPPC Briefly: Looking Toward November 8

George Weigel and Mona Charen on the 2016 election; Yuval Levin on immigration reform; Peter Wehner on the wonder of Christmas; and much more.

EPPC Briefly: How to Win a GOP Primary

Henry Olsen on the 2016 election; a plan to restore free speech on campus; and much more.

EPPC Briefly: Freedom and Its Enemies

The fight against ISIS; George Weigel on City of Saints; and much more.