Mary Hasson Becomes EPPC’s Kate O’Beirne Fellow

March 6, 2018

The Ethics and Public Policy Center is delighted to announce that, thanks to the support of generous donors, it has established the Kate O’Beirne Fellowship in Catholic Studies and has named current EPPC Fellow Mary Rice Hasson as EPPC’s Kate O’Beirne Fellow.

Kate OBeirne

“Kate O’Beirne was an extraordinary person—brilliant, delightful, and teeming with insights on politics and policy—and she was a great friend of EPPC,” said EPPC President Ed Whelan. “Kate’s deep Catholic faith infused her life and informed her work. I am very grateful to her generous admirers for establishing our Kate O’Beirne Fellowship in Catholic Studies, and there is no one better suited for that fellowship than Mary Hasson.”

James H. O’Beirne, Kate’s beloved husband, also celebrated the new fellowship as “a wonderful vehicle for keeping Kate’s legacy alive both here in the nation’s capital and throughout the broader conservative cultural and political community.” Mr. O’Beirne also hailed EPPC’s selection of Mary Hasson as EPPC’s Kate O’Beirne Fellow: “Mary exemplifies in virtue, intelligence, wisdom, and spirit the type of woman in full that Kate sought to be herself.  The fact that the two were dear friends down the years is the beautiful icing on the cake.”

Mary Hasson“I am honored and humbled to carry out my work as EPPC’s Kate O’Beirne Fellow in Catholic Studies,” said Mary Hasson. “I first came to know and love Kate through the friendship of our sons, but as the years passed our work overlapped in shared zeal for the Church and concern for the culture. Kate’s wisdom and experience were deep, and she fiercely loved God, her family, and the Church. I am eager to do my best to emulate her remarkable gifts.”

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