EPPC’s Faith Angle Forum Launches Podcast

March 25, 2019

EPPC’s Faith Angle Forum has launched a new weekly podcast to share some of the insights, stories, and wisdom gained over two decades at Faith Angle. This series of conversations, hosted by Faith Angle Forum director Josh Good, brings together top scholars, clerics, and leading journalists for smart discussions of some the most profound questions in today’s contested public square. The goal is substantive conversations that go beneath the surface, drawing out how religious convictions manifest themselves in American culture and public life.

Listen to the podcast

Episode 1: Arthur Brooks: Transcending Contempt (with Tom Gjelten of NPR)

Episode 2: Russell Moore: Evangelicals in Contemporary America (with Christine Emba of The Washington Post)

Episode 3: Jon Haidt: The Righteous Mind (with Pete Wehner of EPPC, The New York Times, and The Atlantic)

Episode 4: An Inside Look at the 34th Faith Angle Forum—and a Recap with Jon Ward of Yahoo News


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