Ethics & Public Policy Center

EPPC Welcomes New Senior Fellow Stanley Kurtz

July 31, 2006

The Ethics and Public Policy Center is delighted to announce that Stanley Kurtz  has joined EPPC full-time as a Senior Fellow.  Mr. Kurtz is a key contributor to American public debates on a wide range of issues, from marriage and family, to higher education reform, to the place of religion in public life, to the challenges of democratization abroad.  He has written frequently on these and other issues for various journals, including National Review Online (where he is a contributing editor), the Weekly Standard,Policy ReviewCity Journal, and Commentary. 

“Stanley Kurtz has been a critical voice in defense of marriage and has deep insights on the tensions between religion and secularism in modern society,” said EPPC President Ed Whelan.  “He has also led the campaign to reform Title VI area-studies programs at universities.  He’s an outstanding scholar with real impact, and it’s great to have him join EPPC.”

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