EPPC Briefly: Putin, MH17, and the Lethality of the Big Lie

July 24, 2014


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The Lethality of the Big Lie

The shootdown of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over eastern Ukraine, and its aftermath, provide further evidence that Vladimir Putin is “indisputably the greatest threat to peace and order in the post-Cold War world,” writes EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel. The only serious answer is a “Western strategy that aims at nothing less than democratic regime change in Russia.” (See also Mr. Weigel’s article “The Bear is Loose.”)

The Despot in the Kremlin

EPPC Senior Fellow Mona Charen calls for President Obama to “reset” his perception of the “criminal in the Kremlin.”

Fetal Pain, the Moral Imagination, and Our Common Humanity

EPPC Fellow Carter Snead, Notre Dame law professor and director of the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture, spoke at the opening of the recent 2014 National Right to Life Convention. Click here to watch a video of his remarks.

Carter Snead

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Narrow Windows

In the Wall Street Journal, EPPC Senior Fellow Bruce Cole reviews an exhibition of paintings by Andrew Wyeth at the National Gallery in Washington.

Renewing Culture

Reflecting on the death of the world-famous musician Lorin Maazel, EPPC Senior Fellow Roger Scruton celebrates the small-town arts festivals that “form an important part of the life of rural communities.”

D’Souza’s America and Our Schools

EPPC Senior Fellow Stanley Kurtz chronicles an effort by the company that creates the Advanced Placement test in U.S. history to “turn the teaching of American history into exactly the sort of grievance-based pedagogy” that Dinesh D’Souza decries in his new film.

When Technology Ceases to Amaze

Everyday life is mediated by more magical-seeming technologies than ever before, but they fail to evoke a sense of mystery. In this article from EPPC’s journal The New Atlantis, Robert Herritt explores the reasons for a lack of wonder.

St. John Paul II, Europe and Church Reform

EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel talks with America magazine about the state of the Church in Europe and the “deep, strategic continuity” between Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis.

Obama’s Unintended Consequences on Immigration

President Obama’s ostensibly “compassionate” words and deeds on immigration have “contributed to a humanitarian crisis,” argues EPPC Senior Fellow Mona Charen.

Review of The Rise and Decline of American Religious Freedom

EPPC President Ed Whelan recommends a new book for anyone “who wants to understand the perilous condition of religious freedom in America.”

The GOP’s Growing Vulnerability on Cultural Issues

Warning of a coming Democrat offensive over social issues, EPPC Senior Fellow Peter Wehner urges GOP candidates to be prepared to respond “in ways that are more winsome than judgmental.”

Medicare Isn’t Fixed

EPPC Senior Fellow James C. Capretta concludes that recent claims that Obamacare is responsible for slowing down the growth of Medicare spending are “nonsense.”


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