EPPC Briefly: Conservatives, Trump, and the 2016 Race

January 21, 2016


To Attract Disillusioned Voters, the GOP Must Understand Their Concerns
EPPC Senior Fellow Henry Olsen observes that, “thanks to Donald Trump, American elites are finally paying attention to blue-collar, white America.” But he cautions that, rather than “ignoring and ridiculing their concerns,” it is “imperative that conservatives understand what these fellow citizens want and find ways to make common cause with them where we can.”

Listening to Four Republican Candidates
EPPC Hertog Fellow Yuval Levin examines how four GOP candidates are addressing “the hollowing out and decay of America’s elite, its core institutions, and its political leadership.”

Iowa Isn’t Over: It Has Barely Begun
With the Iowa caucus fast approaching, EPPC Senior Fellow Henry Olsen points out that “past history suggests someone will surge in the last two weeks to take first or second in a huge upset.” (See also Mr. Olsen’s prediction of who the late-emerging candidate might be in 2016.)

Why I Will Never Vote for Donald Trump
In the New York Times, EPPC Senior Fellow Peter Wehner warns that “the prospect of Donald Trump as commander in chief should send a chill down the spine of every American” and that “his nomination would pose a profound threat to the Republican Party and conservatism, in ways that Hillary Clinton never could.”

EPPC Supports Little Sisters of the Poor in Supreme Court

In an amicus brief filed last week, the Ethics and Public Policy Center argues that the Supreme Court should deliver a victory to the Little Sisters of the Poor and the other religious nonprofits who are challenging the legality of the Obama administration’s so-called “accommodation” on its HHS contraceptive mandate. (EPPC also filed an amicus brief two years ago in the Hobby Lobby case, in the first round of litigation over the HHS mandate.)

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The Left’s Latest Feel-Good Gun-Control Proposals Still Wouldn’t Help
EPPC Senior Fellow Mona Charen writes that the recent liberal calls for “commonsense” gun laws is “moral grandstanding, and not a word of it holds up under scrutiny.”

Shakespeare’s Savior
EPPC Fellow Algis Valiunas recounts the story of Henry Folger, who “amassed a literary trove whose richness thrilled him every day of his life and enabled him to erect a monument worthy of one of history’s greatest writers.”

A Ukrainian Christmas-at-the-Crossroads
EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel marvels at how, “confronted daily by a long menu of distress, the people of Ukraine have remained remarkably faithful to the 2013-14 Maidan revolution of integrity.”

Don’t Take HUD Money: Feds Will Swallow You Whole
The Obama administration’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Regulation has “the capacity to put virtually every decision ordinarily made by local voters and their elected representatives into the hands of the federal government,” warns EPPC Senior Fellow Stanley Kurtz. (See also Mr. Kurtz’s report on the “fiasco” in Dubuque, Iowa, as a result of the AFFH rule.)

Oil and World Power
With U.S. oil production surging and oil prices dropping, it might seem that the United States has new leverage over authoritarian regimes that depend on oil exports. But, as Lee Lane argues in this essay from EPPC’s journal The New Atlantis, the geopolitical benefits of American oil production may have been overestimated.

What 13 Hours Teaches about Benghazi
A new film depicts how “a tiny band of unbelievably brave Americans was left to fight off a company of al-Qaeda-linked terrorists for, yes, 13 hours, while the vast land, sea, and air resources of the U.S. military were not sent to their rescue,” writes EPPC Senior Fellow Mona Charen.

The Sanders Repeal-and-Replace Plan
Bernie Sanders “wants to sweep away today’s current insurance arrangements, including Obamacare, and replace them with a fully government-run insurance program, modeled on Medicare,” explains EPPC Senior Fellow James C. Capretta.

Morality is a Muscle. Get to the Gym.
EPPC Fellow Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry makes the case that “virtue ethics isn’t just the way to solving a lot of our political dilemmas — it’s also the road to happiness.”

Dear Father: Please Stop It
EPPC Senior Fellow George Weigel urges those priests who make “freelance” innovations to the text of the Mass to “cease and desist from making it up, juicing it up, or otherwise tinkering with the Missal.”

A Topos of Chaos
EPPC Resident Scholar James Bowman bemoans the media’s “hunger for scandal and political wickedness” and its contributions to a culture in which “personal feelings are far more important in our political life than anything that used to be thought of as public policy.”

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