“Life After Dobbs” Episode 7: Father Richard John Neuhaus and “The Greatest Pro-Life Speech Ever Given”

The seventh episode of EPPC’s Life After Dobbs podcast features exclusive audio of Father Richard John Neuhaus’s legendary speech at the close of the 2008 convention of the National Right to Life Committee, which Robert P. George has called “the greatest pro-life speech ever given.” This is the first time that audio of this speech has been published in full.

Life After Dobbs co-host Ryan T. Anderson begins the episode with some personal reflections on Father Neuhaus, who was the founding editor of First Things and a longtime EPPC board member. In the speech, Father Neuhaus reminds his listeners then and today of the hope in which they labor and exhorts them to continue their work “until the culture of life is reflected in the rule of law and lived in the law of love.”

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