Ethics & Public Policy Center

George Weigel’s 17th Annual William E. Simon Lecture

The Mayflower Hotel
1127 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, DC

17th Annual William E. Simon Lecture

Democracy and Its Discontents


George Weigel
EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow
William E. Simon Chair in Catholic Studies

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

6:30 pm

We find ourselves in a season of democratic disorientation, evident on both sides of the Atlantic. History is, clearly, not over, and the prospect of the political history of the West taking some nasty turns cannot be precluded. Charting a path of democratic renewal requires a sober assessment of democracy’s present discontents and a refresher course in some basic truths about the nature of the democratic project and the conditions for its flourishing.

Listen to audio of the 17th Annual William E. Simon Lecture here:

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