George Weigel’s 16th Annual William E. Simon Lecture

 16th Annual William E. Simon Lecture

Now What? Reflections on 2016 and the Task Ahead


George Weigel
EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow
William E. Simon Chair in Catholic Studies

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Lecture at 6:30

Reception to follow

In this, his 16th Annual William E. Simon Lecture, George Weigel will examine the political upheavals of the past year with an eye to uncovering the underlying tectonic shifts in culture that have been transforming American life long before Donald Trump made the transition from television personality to president. Understanding these deeper shifts raises questions about the nature of the task ahead: indeed, of the very possibility of finding a way forward in a nation at least as dedicated to the “imperial autonomous Self” as to any shared commitment to ordered liberty in service of the common good.

This lecture is open to registered guests only.

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