Faith Angle West 2021

Faith Angle West brings together leading West Coast and other US journalists for engaging discussions led by premier scholars on critical issues to help bridge the gap between religion and journalism. This forum, the first of its kind (since most Faith Angle gatherings since 1999 have convened East Coast journalists), brought together 18 journalists and five speakers in Napa, CA, from October 3-5, 2021, for two days of rich conversation on polarization, race and religion in America, and technology.

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Faith and Mental Health in an iGen World

Dr. Jean Twenge, bestselling author of six books and a professor of psychology at San Diego State University, gives a treasure trove of data on the connections between increased screen time, which has been trending upward since 2009, and anxiety, depression, and other negative side effects.

Faith and Mental Religion and Race in America

Dr. Esau McCaulley and Eugene Scott highlight the unique story of the black church in America, one which does not fit into the paradigms of white Christianity or secular activists but instead offers a prophetic critique of each, and how that story speaks to the social and political issues of our time.

American Polarization and Opportunity

Brian Hooks and Andrew Hanauer propose that civil society, and faith communities and leaders in particular, offer Americans the best channel through which to address today’s rising polarization.