Faith Angle Forum: December 2007

The Faith Angle Forum held its semi-annual Conference on Religion, Politics & Public Life December 2-4, 2007 in Key West, Florida. The series brings together a select group of nationally respected journalists and distinguished scholars for in-depth discussions of cutting-edge issues at the intersection of religion and public life. Under the leadership of Michael Cromartie, Vice President at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, the Faith Angle Forum provides extended discussion and the kind of deep reflection that is not always possible in today’s fast paced world of breaking news.

Conference topics:

“The Religion Factor in the 2008 Election”

Dr. John C. Green, Senior Fellow in Religion & American Politics, Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life

Michael Barone, Senior Writer, U.S. News & World Report

E.J. Dionne, Columnist, The Washington Post; Senior Advisor, Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life



“Religion & Secularism: The American Experience”

Dr. Wilfred M. McClay, SunTrust Bank Chair of Excellence in Humanities, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga; Senior Fellow, Ethics & Public Policy Center



“Religious Literacy: What Every American Should Know”

Dr. Stephen Prothero, Chairman, Department of Religion, Boston University




Michael Allen, Chief Political Correspondent, POLITICO

Claudia Anderson, Managing Editor, The Weekly Standard

Adelle Banks, Senior Religion Correspondent, Religion News Service

Claire Brinberg, Producer, CNN

Shelby Coffey, Trustee and Senior Fellow, The Newseum

John Dickerson, Chief Political Correspondent, Slate

Ross Douthat, Associate Editor, The Atlantic

Linda Feldmann, White House Correspondent, The Christian Science Monitor

Dan Harris, Weekend Anchor, ABC News

Katty Kay, Washington Correspondent, BBC

Steve Lagerfeld, Editor, The Wilson Quarterly

Rachel Martin, News Anchor/Host, “The Bryant Park Project,” NPR

Kathleen Parker, Columnist, Washington Post Writers Group

Naomi Schaefer Riley, Deputy Taste Editor, The Wall Street Journal

Jacqui Salmon, Religion Reporter, The Washington Post

David Shribman, Executive Editor, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

John Siniff, Executive Forum Editor, USA Today

Kathy Slobogin, Managing Editor, CNN

Andrea Stone, National News Reporter, USA Today

Krista Tippett, Host/Producer, “Speaking of Faith,” American Public Media

David Van Biema, Senior Writer, TIME Magazine

Adrian Wooldridge, Washington Bureau Chief, The Economist