Faith Angle Forum: April 2018

The Faith Angle Forum held its semi-annual Conference on Religion, Politics & Public Life from April 15-17, 2018, in Miami Beach, Florida. The series brings together a select group of nationally respected journalists and distinguished scholars for in-depth discussions of cutting-edge issues at the intersection of religion and public life. The Faith Angle Forum provides extended discussion and the kind of deep reflection that is not always possible in today’s fast paced world of breaking news.

April 2018 Topics:

Judaism and the American Narrative
Rabbi Meir Soloveichik

The Immigration Debate: Christian Perspectives
Dr. Mark Amstutz
Sister Norma Pimentel

Islam in Modern American Society
Dr. Shadi Hamid
Dr. Altaf Husain


Wajahat Ali | The New York Times
Malika Bilal | The Stream, Al Jazeera English
David Brooks | The New York Times
Carl Cannon | RealClearPolitics
Mona Charen | Syndicated Columnist
Marin Cogan | New York Magazine
Michelle Cottle | The Atlantic
Rod Dreher | The American Conservative
Christine Emba | The Washington Post
Mark Galli | Christianity Today
Tom Gjelten | NPR
Tom Krattenmaker | USA Today
Matt Lewis| The Daily Beast
Jonathan Rauch | The Atlantic
Will Saletan | Slate
Eugene Scott | The Washington Post
Jerome Socolovsky | Religion News Service
A.B. Stoddard | RealClearPolitics
Karen Tumulty | The Washington Post