Faith Angle Forum: April 2011

The Faith Angle Forum held its semi-annual Conference on Religion, Politics & Public Life April 3-5, 2011, in South Beach, Florida. The series brings together a select group of nationally respected journalists and distinguished scholars for in-depth discussions of cutting-edge issues at the intersection of religion and public life. Under the leadership of Michael Cromartie, Vice President at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, the Faith Angle Forum provides extended discussion and the kind of deep reflection that is not always possible in today’s fast paced world of breaking news.

Conference topics:

Radical Islam: The Challenge in Pakistan & Beyond”

Ambassador Husain Haqqani, Pakistani Ambassador to the U.S.

Jeffrey Goldberg, National Correspondent, The Atlantic



Faith, Film, & Culture: The Challenges, the Prospects

Micheal Flaherty, President & Co-Founder, Walden Media



The Retreat From Marriage: How It Has Affected Religion & Religion’s Response

Dr. Bradford Wilcox, Director, National Marriage Project; Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Virginia

Jim Daly, President & CEO, Focus on the Family




Fred Barnes, Executive Editor, The Weekly Standard

Claire Brinberg, Producer, This Week, ABC News

Peter Boyer, Senior Writer, Newsweek/Daily Beast

Carl Cannon, Washington Editor,

Shelby Coffey, Trustee, Newseum

Timothy Dalrymple, Columnist/ Director of Content,

Peter David, Washington Bureau Chief, The Economist

Clare Duffy, Producer, NBC Nightly News

Paul Farhi, Media Critic, The Washington Post

Andrew Ferguson, Senior Editor, The Weekly Standard

Michael Gerson, Columnist, The Washington Post

Dan Gilgoff, Religion News Desk Editor, CNN

Jeffrey Goldberg, National Correspondent, The Atlantic

Barbara Bradley Hagerty, Religion and Culture Correspondent, NPR

Dan Harris, Anchor and Correspondent, ABC News

Tom Krattenmaker, Columnist, USA Today

David Paul Kuhn, Chief Political Correspondent,

Ryan Lizza, Washington Correspondent, The New Yorker

Lisa Miller, Society and Religion Editor, Newsweek/DailyBeast

Kirsten Powers, Political Analyst, FOX News; Columnist, Daily Beast

Sally Quinn, Moderator, “On Faith,” The Washington Post

Karen Tumulty, National Political Correspondent, The Washington Post