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First Things Lecture: The New Intolerance

EPPC Senior Fellow Mary Eberstadt delivered a lectured sponsored by First Things titled “The New Intolerance.” Below is an excerpt from First Things‘s description of the event:

A new, secular “moral majority” is rising in America today. This rising tide of secularism has coincided with, and in some ways is helping to drive, the undoing of the American social contract. Christians in particular are faced with the challenge of protecting human dignity, objective moral values, religious liberty, and authentic freedom in the face of growing hostility toward religious faith and religious believers. Many secularists today want Christianity to be discredited as “intolerant,” because Christianity and Christians are in the way of demolishing traditional moral limits so that they can be reconstructed to accord with the desires and needs of the powerful, who don’t like being hindered.

Click here to view a video of Mrs. Eberstadt’s lecture on the First Things website. To read a version of the lecture that was published in the March 2015 issue of First Things, click here.

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