VIDEO: Erika Bachiochi’s Keynote Remarks at 2020 March for Life Conference

February 12, 2020 | March for Life Conference

On January 23, 2020, EPPC Fellow Erika Bachiochi delivered the keynote address at the March for Life Conference.

Click here or below to watch her remarks:

Click here to read Ms. Bachiochi’s essay for The Atlantic on the themes of her speech.

Below is the description accompanied the video posted by March for Life:

The March for Life Conference provides an in-depth education to pro-life advocates on the year’s theme — Life Empowers: Pro-Life is Pro-Woman.

Erika Bachiochi is a Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center and a Research Fellow at the Abigail Adams Institute in Cambridge, MA. A legal scholar specializing in equal protection jurisprudence, she was a Visiting Scholar at Harvard Law School in 2018 and a Research Scholar at the Terrence J. Murphy Institute at the University of St. Thomas in 2016.

Ms. Bachiochi’s essays have appeared in publications such as the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, Christian Bioethics (Oxford University), First Things,, National Review Online, Claremont Review of Books, SCOTUS blog, and Public Discourse. She is the editor of two books, Women, Sex, & the Church: A Case for Catholic Teaching (Pauline Books & Media, 2010) and The Cost of “Choice”: Women Evaluate the Impact of Abortion (Encounter Books, 2004). Ms. Bachiochi’s next book, an intellectual history of the cause of women’s rights, is under review at Notre Dame University Press.

Ms. Bachiochi received her BA from Middlebury College, her MA as a Bradley Fellow at the Institute for the Study of Politics and Religion at Boston College, and her law degree from Boston University School of Law. She was a co-founder of St. Benedict Classical Academy in Natick, Massachusetts and serves on the Advisory Council of the Catholic Women’s Forum and the Advisory Board of the Susan B. Anthony Birthplace Museum.

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