Brave New World Revisited

A new TV production of Brave New World offers a mildly absorbing science fiction tale with lots of glistening flesh and technology. As an adaptation of Aldous Huxley’s sobering message, though, it fails.

The Next Pope and the Crisis of the West

By being relentlessly Christ-centered in his preaching, the next pope can empower all of us to rescue the idea of the human by proclaiming the crucified and risen Lord, the embodiment of self-giving love, as the true image of humanity and its freedom.

The GOP Needs to Hit Rock Bottom

Congressional Republicans pretended they were powerless to limit Trump’s excesses. What difference would it make if voters made the make-believe real?

A Different Kind of Transparency

Catholics now have a guidebook, written for non-experts (or at least non-canonists), which provides a simplified explanation of how Rome expects the rest of the Church to handle allegations of clergy sexual abuse.

Liars Go to Hell

That the ghost of Walter Duranty still has his Pulitzer Prize is an obscenity that warriors of the cancel culture may want to address.

Trump Is Right

There is a massive crisis that requires a decisive and forceful federal response before it does any more damage to America. It’s just not the crisis the president thinks it is.

Suburbs Hold Key to 2020 Presidential Choice

The Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule is a play to force “economic integration” on America’s suburbs. But the way to diversify the suburbs is to make all Americans more prosperous, not to undertake a massive program in social engineering.

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