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Synod Letter

Maria Sophia Aguirre, PhD Professor of Economics The Catholic University of America Joanne Angelo, MD Pontifical Academy for Life Ellen Barrosse Businesswoman Founder, A Rose and a Prayer Mary Ellen Bork, MA Board Member, Ethics & Public Policy Center Kathleen Eaton Bravo Founder, Obria Medical Clinics Sr. Sara Butler, MSBT, STL, PhD Professor Emerita of […]

Letter to Synod Fathers from Catholic Women

The “Letter to the Synod Fathers from Catholic Women,” coordinated by the Catholic Women’s Forum, brings to the public square the much-needed voice of Catholic women who support the Church’s teachings on sexuality, marriage, and family.

There’s a Pony in Here Somewhere: A Post-Synodal Reflection

For whatever else it may or may not have accomplished, Synod-2019 was an unmistakable moment of clarification and a stern summons to responsibility.

An Open Letter to Cardinal Reinhard Marx

The German Church is dying, and it will not be revitalized by becoming a simulacrum of moribund liberal Protestantism.

Reflections on Synod-2018

Synod-2018 made clear that business-as-usual is not an adequate model for the next months and years of Catholic life.

Testimony for the Synod

Christian anthropology—once implicit in the culture of the West—has been widely displaced by an androgynous anthropology fundamentally incompatible with the Christian vision of the human person.

What Really Happened at Synod 2015

For all the confusions caused by ignorant, irresponsible, and ideologically skewed reporting on what happened in Rome, the recent synod reaffirmed the Gospel and the settled truths of Catholic faith and practice.

EPPC Briefly: George Weigel on Pope Francis and the 2014 and 2015 Synods

What to expect at the Ordinary Synod of 2015; Gruber’s abortion distortion; Roger Scruton on what makes true art; and much more

Between Two Synods

The ordinary synod of 2015 ought to reflect more clearly the three concerns that Pope Francis expressed in his closing address to synod 2014: a passionate concern for mission, a compassionate concern for people in difficult situations, and a committed concern for the settled truths of the Catholic faith.

Cruel and (Very) Unusual: On the Banning of Masses in the Vatican Basilica

The recent and bizarre diktat violates both universality and hospitality while ensuring a more jumbled, less reverent atmosphere at the altars.