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After Ohio, the Pro-Life Movement Needs to Face Facts

Patrick T. Brown

Another ballot initiative, another disappointment for the pro-life movement.

Newsweek / November 16, 2023

Why Mike Johnson is actually an inspired choice for speaker

Patrick T. Brown

The MAGA wing of American conservatism often seems more unified by its enemies than what policies they share.

CNN Opinions / October 26, 2023

What Explains America’s Marriage Downturn?

Patrick T. Brown

Cultural, legal, and economic changes have made it less central to daily life—and that’s a problem.

The Dispatch / October 21, 2023

Abortion Doesn’t Control the Future

Alexandra DeSanctis

In her new memoir, Britney Spears shares her experience of abortion—and there are plenty of lessons in her sad, all too familiar story.

Countercultured / October 18, 2023

How Democrats just helped the MAGA wing of Congress

Patrick T. Brown

Clearly, some in the president’s party missed the memo.

CNN Opinions / October 5, 2023

Pro-Lifers Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Condemn Trump for Abortion Remarks

Patrick T. Brown

In a second Trump administration, the former president said, a national compromise on abortion would be forthcoming.

Newsweek / September 20, 2023

The parents’ rights movement needs to avoid this tea party mistake

Patrick T. Brown

Republicans’ commitment to prioritizing parents’ rights — the idea that the ultimate authority for children’s education rests with their parent — continues to drive much of the conversation around K-12 public education.

CNN Opinions / September 19, 2023

What ‘Painkiller’ Omits About the Opioid Crisis

Patrick T. Brown

Netflix’s OxyContin series offers a comic-book version of a complex story.

The Dispatch / September 2, 2023

Is Limited Government the Best Pro-Family Policy?

Patrick T. Brown

A new report from the Cato Institute lays bare real fault lines between a conservative and libertarian approach to supporting families.

Institute for Family Studies / August 28, 2023

The GOP Debate Exposed Democrats’ Extremism on Abortion

Alexandra DeSanctis

There’s no question that Democrats support unrestricted abortion until birth.

National Review Online / August 24, 2023

Why the GOP should embrace a pro-worker agenda

Patrick T. Brown

Republicans can seek to help workers while helping businesses to grow.

Deseret News / August 10, 2023

Old School

Alexandra DeSanctis

Why classical education is making a comeback.

National Review / August 10, 2023