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The Demographics of Social Security

The deep and punishing recession that began with the financial crisis of 2008 will almost certainly become, in tomorrow’s history books, a demarcation line separating what was and what is yet to come. Since the end of World War Two, the United States and other Western democracies have used their growing wealth and prosperity to […]

Infant Industry: The Past and Future of the American System

A single coherent tradition links all economically and politically successful American economic policy from George Washington through Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan. Tracing its origins and development helps us understand why the success of the American experiment at first critically depended — and depends now in a more literal sense-on promoting the […]

Wrong Big Picture, Dangerous Fine Print

There are only two problems with the emerging Democratic plan to reform health care in the United States: the big picture, and the fine print. From a macro perspective, the bills now moving through House and Senate committees call for a combination of employer and individual mandates to force more, though not all, Americans to […]

100 Days Later

Now that we are 100 days into the new era of hope and change, NRO asked friends and contributors to evaluate the president’s performance. Joe Biden did promise that Barack Obama would be tested early in his presidency¬†— how has he done so far? *** A series of decisions by President Obama during his first […]

Medicare and the Reform of U.S. Health Care

The election of Barack Obama as the President of the United States has pushed major reform of the U.S. health care to the top of the policy agenda. Powerful Democratic Congressional leaders, from Speaker of the the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi to Massachusetts Senator, Ted Kennedy, have pledged to take up a sweeping […]

Great Society II

Pres. Barack Obama, we are told, takes great pride in his facility with the written and spoken word, and perhaps justifiably so. He has, after all, authored two bestselling books (on himself), and is routinely praised by the media for being an exceptional orator. Indeed, it is this particularly gifted way with words that seems […]

Placing Health-Care Options in the Hands of Private Companies

Until recently, Wal-Mart was the corporate giant universal health-care advocates loved to hate. As a recent story in the Washington Post recounted, for years the company kept its costs down by limiting the number of workers who would qualify to sign up with the employee health plan and by passing on much of the premium […]

Where Is the Responsibility?

While some aspects of the recently passed “stimulus” legislation may, in fact, be temporary — such as funding for state “fiscal stabilization” and expanded unemployment-insurance benefits — much of it will find its way into the permanent base of federal activity.There are large increases in funding for Head Start ($2.1 billion), K-12 education ($26 billion), […]

Medicare in the USA

1. Introduction The election of former Illinois Senator Barack Obama as the next president of the United States has pushed health-care back to the top of the national agenda, although the exact timing of a legislative initiative remains unclear. Most of the policy attention in the short-term will necessarily focus on how to pull the […]

Removing Impediments to Long Careers

It is apparent from the last two election cycles that conservatives need to refresh their political appeal and develop innovative policy proposals aimed at solving real-world problems. We know the proportion of Americans 65 and older will expand dramatically – from about 12 percent in 2000 to almost 20 percent by 2030. One way to […]