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How Do Nations Choose “Demographic Winter”? Is America Doing So?

To watch a video of the complete panel on “Family and Demography,” please click here. I’m honored to address the Fifth World Congress of Families in Amsterdam. In our panel on “Family and Demography,” I will try to answer two important questions: First, how do nations choose “demographic winter”? Second, is the United States now […]

Causes and Cures of "Demographic Winter"

Panel remarks after screening of the film Demographic Winter: The decline of the human family. Family Research Council, Washington, D.C. 12 May 2008 The film we have just viewed, Demographic Winter the decline of the human family, performs a great national service by elevating the biggest social, economic and even strategic challenge that the United […]

Family-Friendly Fiscal Policy to Weather "Demographic Winter"

**Remarks prepared for delivery to the Fourth World Congress of Families Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw, Poland.** I’m honored to be here in sunny Warsaw, among so many old and new friends, to address the fourth World Congress of Families about family-friendly fiscal policy. (I will go beyond taxation because, for reasons I will […]

The Barren Gamble of Same-Sex Unions

Few states are expected to follow the lead of Vermont and enact “civil unions” or domestic partnership legislation. Yet if faced with demands to be like the Green Mountain State, lawmakers in other states would be wise to commission economic impact statements to assess the potential fiscal and economic fallout. Judging from the economic legacy […]

The Stork Theory of Economics

Many economists, even those who consider themselves conservative Republicans, have tended to look favorably on the movement of mothers out of the home and into the labor market during the last thirty years. The reasons for their position are varied, but at the core they reflect a fundamental clash of worldviews, one that might loosely […]

Abortion is a Cause of Crime, Not a Cure

  Legalized abortion may lead to reduced crime through any of three channels. The first channel is simply a smaller cohort size. If abortion reduces the number of births, when that cohort reaches the late teens and twenties, there will be fewer young males, and thus less crime. Abortion may also lower per capita offending […]

The Socioeconomic Costs of Roe v. Wade

Since the Supreme Court handed down its historic Roe decision in 1973, the debate about abortion has been conducted primarily on two levels: legal and moral. Recently, the debate has moved to a third level, as defenders of legal abortion have added a new twist: pragmatic, utilitarian arguments regarding the alleged social benefit of terminating […]

How Abortion Has Weakened Social Security

Many baby boomers resent what they perceive to be a “raw deal” from Social Security, the “pay-as-you-go” system where roughly each generation of workers pays the retirement benefits for their parent’s generation. While their parents have reaped a generous return on their Social Security taxes, the boomers fear they will receive far lower rates of […]