Peter Wehner

Will the Trump Madness Now End?

Will ratiocination, which is supposed to guide politics, prevail in the party of Lincoln?

Clinton, Trump and the Politics of Self-Destruction

Donald Trump, if he were to win the nomination, would do catastrophic damage to the Republican Party. But the Democratic Party, if it were to nominate Hillary Clinton, would be inviting a different kind of disaster.

Is Hillary Clinton Finished?

With the FBI driving the extraordinary investigation into her private email server, things may get a whole lot less pretty for Hillary Clinton.

When Faith Repairs Broken Lives

How the public face of Christianity is in some respects quite at odds with the less well-known – and I would argue the much more prevalent and authentic — face of Christianity.

A Clarifying Moment for Conservatism

Those on the right who have become Trump defenders have, I think, made a serious error in judgment that is the result of a rather profound misunderstanding of conservatism. You can cherish and champion conservative principles, or you can support and praise Donald Trump. But you can’t do both.


Why Civility is a Democratic Virtue

The effort to turn conservatism into a bonfire of rage, a cavalcade of insults, is a disservice to conservatism and those who have represented it so well over the years.

Our Morally Disoriented Times

Why are so many people who were so profoundly moved by the killing of a lion so indifferent to the butchery that is routinely performed by Planned Parenthood?

A Glimpse Into the Culture of Death

A secret video released by the Center for Medical Progress, a pro-life group, reveals the lethal, brutal logic of the abortion industry.

Mike Gallagher Show: Peter Wehner on Donald Trump’s Candidacy

EPPC Senior Fellow Peter Wehner appeared on the Mike Gallagher Show to discuss the candidacy of Donald Trump.

Obama’s Worst Mistake

President Obama’s “deal” with Iran is an agreement that is likely to set in motion a terrible chain of events — reviving the Iranian economy while simultaneously putting Iran well on the road to gaining nuclear weapons and triggering a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.