Peter Wehner

U.S. Senator Ben Sasse Reads Peter Wehner’s Comments Into Congressional Record

U.S. Senator Ben Sasse reads selections from EPPC Senior Fellow Peter Wehner’s Commentary piece “Certitude and Seeking the Truth” into the Congressional Record.

Certitude and Seeking the Truth

The purpose of debating isn’t so much to win an argument as it is to deepen our understanding of how things really and truly are. It isn’t to out-shout an opponent but, at least now and then, to listen to them, to weight their arguments with care, and even to learn from them.

Why I Will Never Vote for Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s nomination would pose a profound threat to the Republican Party and conservatism, in ways that Hillary Clinton never could.


The Christmas Revolution

Because the Christmas story has been told so often for so long, it’s easy even for Christians to forget how revolutionary Jesus’ birth was.


The Closing of Barack Obama’s Mind

It would be refreshing if the president did not live in a world hermetically sealed off from facts that are inconvenient to his worldview. But that is precisely what Mr. Obama is doing.

Reclaim Republicanism for the Conservatives

Donald Trump’s candidacy is the product of certain intellectual and political habits that have taken hold over the years: a lazy anti-government ideology, prizing emotivism over empiricism, and conflict in pursuit of lost causes.

Paul Ryan’s Voice of Calm Reason

Given legitimate concerns about the vetting process, how badly President Obama has handled this issue (flippantly dismissing those concerns, mocking those who see things differently than he does, refusing to negotiate) and how wary the public is about accepting Syrian refugees, the plan put forward by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is prudent and sensible.

President Obama’s Hypocrisy on Syria

The debate over the Syrian refugee crisis illustrates why President Obama has been as polarizing as any president in the history of modern polling.


Our Bitter and Graceless President

We all know people of towering arrogance and we all know people of staggering incompetence, but Barack Obama is quite possibly the perfect package.

How Christians Can Flourish in a Same-Sex-Marriage World

By many accounts, orthodox Christians have lost the culture wars. How they can live well—not vanish—in a time of retreat.