James C. Capretta

The ACA and Its Employment Effects

Obamacare is very likely to reduce hours worked and total compensation, as predicted by the Congressional Budget Office. But it may take some time for these effects to be clearly visible in aggregate economic data.

Debate Debrief

There was plenty of substantive criticism and crossfire among the candidates, but, without Donald Trump, Thursday’s Fox News debate was far more substantive and far less juvenile.

President Obama’s Legacy of Red Ink

Any fair assessment of the Obama years must acknowledge that the administration is leaving the nation in a perilous fiscal situation. A fiscal crisis of some sort looms on the horizon.

Instead of ObamaCare: Giving Health-Care Power to the People

Republicans have the opportunity this election year to demonstrate they have concrete plans to reverse ObamaCare and implement reforms based on consumer, not government, control.

The Sanders Repeal-and-Replace Plan

The most vocal proponent of repealing and replacing Obamacare on the presidential campaign trail is Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.


The Fallout From the Budget Deals

The 2015 budget deals increased federal debt by hundreds of billions of dollars over the next decade and made clear that the U.S. is facing massive long-term budget deficits.

Replacing the Affordable Care Act and Other Suggested Reforms

A group of health policy analysts have joined together to propose reforms that would replace Obamacare, provide secure insurance to the uninsured, bring greater cost discipline through market principles, return power and control to individuals and the states, and improve the long-term fiscal outlook.

Health Reform Ideas You Haven’t Heard Before

The 2016 election may open new opportunities for revising health-care policy. Proponents of market-based reform need to be ready with a robust agenda.

Improving Health and Health Care: An Agenda for Reform (Full Report)

A new report by 10 health policy experts articulates a market-driven alternative to the Affordable Care Act.


Improving Health and Health Care: An Agenda for Reform

Without a major change in direction, U.S. health care will experience ever-increasing governmental control. What’s needed is a decisive reorientation toward the preferences of patients and consumers.